Creative Bean Side Dish Recipes

Stuck in a side dish rut? Tired of the same old mac and cheese, rice or green bean side dishes? It’s time for something new and different. Beans make an ideal side dish. Their neutral flavor makes them a great way to showcase bold spices and fresh herbs, and they’re a healthy way to incorporate more protein into your meal.  Here are a few of our favorite bean side dishes that won’t leave you bored:

Tuscan Baked Beans

We love baked beans. They’re the perfect side dish to go with nearly anything, but sometimes you need something a little different than traditional sweet and tangy baked beans. Try this Italian version, featuring tomatoes, onions, tons of garlic and topped with crispy, crunchy bread crumbs. A little fresh sage gives this an earthy, deep flavor.

Pinto Beans and Yellow Squash with Avocado Dressing

This delicious dish crams tons of veggies into a colorful, delicious side dish. Creamy pinto beans and crunchy yellow squash are tossed in a dressing of mashed avocado and broccoli. Sound too healthy for you? No way. The avocado is rich and thick, meaning you won’t miss cream or cheese. Remember, don’t waste time soaking and boiling your beans–use Randall Beans canned pintos for a quick and easy meal in minutes.

White Beans with Kabocha Squash and Chives

What’s a kabocha squash? Think of it as a Japanese pumpkin. This dish is the height of simplicity. Just cook the squash until the insides are soft and then sautee it with great northern white beans and shallots until the beans are warmed through. Top with fresh chives and Parmesan cheese for a nutty, complex side dish.

What are your favorite side dishes?



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