Hawaiian White Bean and Pineapple Salad

The winter can be a tough time. All the cold, clouds, snow and sleet can really get you down. Beat the winter blues with a dish that’ll send your taste buds somewhere warm and tropical! How about Hawaii? Beans are a great versatile food, capable of playing... read more

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Chinese Beans

Beans are beloved all over the world. They are used in just about ever culture in every kind of cuisine. With the Chinese New Year coming up this weekend, we thought we would take a look at exotic, Asian-inspired bean dishes. Now, when you do a little bit of hunting... read more

Amazing Aquafaba Recipes

The other day we talked about the bean craze sweeping the world of vegan cuisine, aquafaba, and all its many uses. We thought you may still be skeptical, so we decided to prove to you how versatile and delicious aquafaba can be as an egg white substitute. We found... read more

What is Aquafaba?

Beans really can do it all! You may have heard of a recent food craze going around lately called aquafaba. Did you realize that aquafaba is just one more unique and healthy way to incorporate beans into your diet and the foods you love? So what is aquafaba exactly?... read more

Southwestern White Bean Chili

By Kate Vaynshteyn of We’re in the thick of chili season. By now, you’ve probably gone through all your standby recipes several times and are tired of the same old chili. Here’s something new for your recipe collection. This simple... read more

Game Day Grub

The biggest spectacle in sports is nearly here! Whether your team made it all the way to The Big Game or not, everyone will be watching. The day of The Big Game is a spectacle all of its own. Undoubtedly someone will be hosting a watch party. Maybe it’s even... read more

The Ultimate Game Day Chili Mac

By Ashleigh Evans from Dash of Evans There are a lot of great culinary word pairings out there. One of the best, however, has got to be “Chili Mac.” When we hear Chili Mac, it’s like music to our ears. Chili Mac is hands down one of the best food... read more

5 Fun Bean Facts: Celebrating National Bean Day

Happy National Bean Day! Yep, they really do have a day reserved for everything. But why today? Many point to the fact that January 6th marks the anniversary of famous monk, botanist and scientist Gregor Mendel‘s passing on this very date in 1884. Mendel made... read more
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