Beans and Avocados: The Low-Cholesterol Dream Team

It’s important to keep your cholesterol low. High cholesterol levels in your body limit your blood’s ability to flow through your body and can result increase your risk of stroke and heart disease. One of the best ways to keep your cholesterol levels low... read more

Frijoles Bandera with Pinto Beans

Some of the best bean recipes around come from South of the border. This dish is no exception. Frijoles Bandera literally translates to “flag beans”.  So, as you may imagine, this dish is a salute to the flag of Mexico! Frijoles Bandera incorporates the... read more

Summertime Root Beer Baked Beans

This July is all about baked beans for Randall Beans, so we are rolling out one of our classic recipes. Root Beer Baked Beans, anyone? Did you know soda is a common ingredient in many kitchens, particularly in the south? The sweetness of the soda and it’s syrupy... read more

Beans for Breakfast

One kind of food that is criminally underused in breakfast food is beans. People don’t often think of beans in breakfast recipes, and if they do their minds often go to the controversial English Breakfast: baked beans on toast. The English Breakfast has never... read more

Citrus Avocado Bean Salad

We get lots of great recipes from our readers and Randall Bean fanatics! This bean salad recipe comes to us from Lorraine and it is a delightfully simple dish perfect for the summertime. Light and healthy, this summer bean salad uses this season’s power food, the... read more

Do Beans Help You Live Longer?

Have you ever heard of the island of Ikaria? It is a small Greek off the coast of Turkey, and the people there live longer than anywhere else in the world! We recently were captivated by this New York Times article “The Island Where People Forget to Die“.... read more

4th of July Crafts Ideas for Your Randall Beans Jars

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. It is a day full of fun. Start the afternoon off lounging around the pool or outside sipping cool drinks. As the day goes on, fire up the grill for BBQ favorites like brats, burgers, chicken and ribs served with yummy... read more

Baked Beans & Cornbread Skillet

by Kate Vaynshteyn at Baked beans and cornbread are two delicious southern classics. Who doesn’t love a bowl of creamy, smoky baked beans or a big piece of flaky cornbread? So what if we put them together?! Our food blogger Kate turned our... read more
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