Zesty White Bean Salad

Citrus is begging to be placed back into your daily meal repertoire. The daily dinner line up is demanding the sweet, tangy and zesty touches of citrus. But, without a doubt one citrus makes its comeback during springtime…… the LEMON! This bright and... read more

White Bean Tuna Salad

Arm day at the gym. Rough! You have defeated push ups, pull ups, and your weight training set. Tomorrow you may not be able to lift your morning coffee, but hey it’s a sign of a good gym session. Now your body is craving a healthy dose of nutrition to balance... read more

Refried Beans with Chile de Arbol

Chile de arbol, literally “tree chilies,” are a spicy Mexican pepper. Don’t be fooled by their small size. They pack a serious punch. In terms of heat, it’s about on par with cayenne pepper, so we’re talking a fairly spicy little pepper.... read more

St. Patrick’s Bean Stew

Put on your green and get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! Invite your friends and family over to celebrate this joyous holiday with a delightful dinner. Set the scene with lively music from Ireland to fill the air with the tunes of harps, fiddles and pianos... read more

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth (with Bean Desserts!)

Beans… in dessert? It seems like a curious combination, but is surprising delicious. Adding beans gives a dessert a boost of protein to make you feel awake and satisfied, instead of the sugar crash promised by most sugar-filled treats. Replace tradition baking... read more

Randall’s Italian Bean Soup

Mix in the beans! Concoct a hearty soup ready to keep you warm and full. Randall’s Italian Bean Soup uses a variety of fresh produce to bring the dish to life including carrots, celery and tomatoes. Then the recipe adds great northern beans and pinto beans for a... read more

Quick Bake White Bean Flatbread

Looking for a unique and tasty way to make a great family meal this winter? How about a classic flatbread with a white bean twist? You’ve got to try this brand new recipe showcasing Randall’s Great Northern Beans from a jar. It’s soulful Italian... read more

Mexican Bean Soup

Time for a Mexican fiesta! Let our neighbors to the South inspire tonight’s meal. Embrace the beautiful spiciness and rich tones of traditional Mexican meals. Utilize the spiciness of green chili and crushed red pepper to add fire to your dish. Then bring the... read more
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