Old Fashioned Three Bean Salad

Italian cannelini bean salad of beans in lemon vinaigrette with red onion, rosemary, parsley and garlic.

Without a doubt, this is everybody’s favorite bean salad and certainly the one most often made in this country. Still a hit for picnics and casual party buffets, our three bean salad recipe features our delicious pinto beans and should be made the day before for the best flavor. Pinto beans are … [Read more...]

Southwest Rainbow Bean Salad With Chili-Lime Dressing

We can't get enough of these summer salads! When the weather turns too hot to stand in front of the stove, that's when we turn to our noble bean and our trusted dressings. This Southwest Rainbow Bean Salad is particularly fun because of the chili-lime dressing, which combines fresh lime juice with … [Read more...]

Spicy Bean Dip


This Spicy Bean Dip makes a great addition to any summer gathering or as a side dish to any Mexican cuisine. You can make this dip hours ahead; just refrigerate and microwave when you're ready to use. This recipe builds off a refried beans recipe that you can find here: Randall Hearty 'N Healthy … [Read more...]

Hearty ‘N Healthy Refried Beans

As our world becomes smaller, ethnic foods become easier to find. The beautiful thing about beans is that they grow in many different warm climate areas all over the world. Their international popularity and availability makes beans one of the most commonly eaten food items in the world, serving as … [Read more...]

Bean Salad in Vinaigrette

Bean Salad

Oh, those hot summer days when your only mission is to avoid the hot stove at all costs! Enter summer salads, those simple combinations of ingredients that are filling and easy to assemble. This bean salad, a crisp mixture of fresh, leafy greens dressed in a tangy vinaigrette dressing, is light and … [Read more...]

Lydia’s Pinto Bean Salad

Easy Pinto Bean Salad

The life of a teenage is tiring. They begrudgingly arise at 6:00am for a full day of high school before running off to numerous after school activities and a long night of homework. These active teens are in desperate need of nutrition and protein. Plus, they are continuously hungry and crave the … [Read more...]

Refried Beans Dip

Refried Beans Dip

You have been bundled up inside all weather avoiding the outdoors which cut down on quality neighborhood bonding. Before the kids start summer vacation and everyone begins to leave for exotic vacation destinations, host a springtime block party. Send out the invitations, block off the street and … [Read more...]

Texas Pinto Beans

Are you a barbecue master looking for a way to beat the chill this season? If you live for firing up a smoker or making the perfect rack of ribs and are dealing with grilling withdraws, you know that no hunk of meat is complete without a side dish. The perfect accompaniment to smokey, delicious meat … [Read more...]

Vegan Taco Recipe Featuring Randall Pinto Beans

Vegan Tacos

Throw out everything you've thought about vegan cooking. The stereotypes of unfamiliar ingredients, bizarre preparations and bland meals give vegan recipes a bad rap. The truth is, vegan recipes can be flavorful and inspiring, filled with ingredients you know and love. There are vegan versions of … [Read more...]

Three Bean Minestrone

Three Bean Minestrone 2

There are few things in this world as beautiful or as simple as a one-pot meal. Take delicious ingredients--most of which you probably already have on hand--throw them into a pot and come back 25 minutes later for a super healthy meal. It's almost exactly that easy with our three bean minestrone. … [Read more...]