Hearty ‘N Healthy Refried Beans

As our world becomes smaller, ethnic foods become trendier and easier to find. Randall Beans help make many ethnic recipes user friendly. The beautiful thing about beans is that they grow in many different warm climate areas all over the world. Their international popularity and availability makes … [Read more...]

Soup Before the Spring

Our clocks have sprung forward, the birds are chirping and spring is in the air. While we can't wait to start making baked beans and bean salads, we're going to miss some of our favorite winter soups and stews. So while Mother Nature continues this year's slow tease into Spring,  let's take one … [Read more...]

Randall’s Quick and Easy Chili

No household can have too many bean chili recipes. While we usually reserve our favorites for the colder months and frosty days spent bundled up inside, we also think chili makes a perfect dinner time pick me up for the start of Spring. This is a one-of-a-kind bean chili that's sure to bring the … [Read more...]

A Pot of Pinto Bean Soup

We're almost at the end of soup season. Temperatures are rising and the daylight is staying out longer. Luckily, soups are a quick and easy dish to whip up on a Spring evening or a busy weekend. The best part is, a big, hearty pot of soup can last a long time is properly stored, which means you'll … [Read more...]

Mexican Steak With Salsa Verde and Healthy Refried Beans

Tired of the same old steak and potato dinner? Looking for an easy and fun way to add spice to your next family meal? We've added a Latin spin to a steak dinner that we know you'll love. Our take on this Mexican classic includes chili powder and refried Randall Beans. It's a great meal for any … [Read more...]

Crisp Winter Bean Salad

We're always on the look out for an easy side dish and we love the idea of combining beans and cabbage. With Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner, this makes a great addition to your corned beef. When plated, the vibrant greens really emphasize the freshness of these wintery ingredients. It's … [Read more...]

Southwestern Pinto Bean Tortilla Cups

Tortilla cups filled with a spicy pinto bean salad.

Looking for a spicy Southwestern take on classic finger foods? These light, baked tortilla cup sliders are the perfect appetizer for any weekend get-together. Showcasing a filling helping of our signature Pinto Beans, these cups pack a zesty blend of herbs and spices with an earthy base and complex … [Read more...]

The Best Bean Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches only fill you up for so long. It's time to stop making the same, boring, blah sandwiches for lunch everyday and get creative with new and exciting recipes. These bean sandwich recipes are flavorful, but won't leave you feeling hungry again around 2 o'clock. Stop … [Read more...]

Easy to Make Mexican Wrap Recipes

When your lunch is starting to taste drab or dull, you need to switch up your meal to something more exciting. Enough of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, it's time to experiment with some new flavors. These delicious and filling Mexican recipes are all really easy to make for lunch and are … [Read more...]

Super Dips for the Big Game

The football game you have been waiting all season for is just around the corner which means it's time to break out your favorite dip recipes. Whether you're hosting your own party or attending a friend's, you'll want to bring a delicious dip everyone will love. These recipes are flavorful, healthy … [Read more...]