Curried Salmon Mixed Bean Salad

Trying to add more Omega-3 to your diet? Have you tried pairing salmon with beans? This traditional Mediterranean recipe is right in time for Spring meals on the seashore or your outdoor get-together. We've added a bit of south Asian flare with curry powder and sweet red peppers to really kick up … [Read more...]

Pantry Bean Salad


Don't you hate it when you've been busy all day, haven't seen the inside of the grocery store in a week or so, are not interested in either cooking or another take out meal? In my house this is a set up for a Pantry Bean Salad. Of course there is always a little lettuce on the bottom, but from … [Read more...]

Oriental Bean Salad

Bean salads are a lasting favorite around the dinner table and at the park for a Spring picnic. This fresh recipe calls for a whole jar of your favorite Randall Mixed Beans, plenty of delicious veggies and a refreshing blend of spices and oils to make an acidic dressing. It's the perfect … [Read more...]

Mixed Bean and Tuna Salad

Has it been a crazy day for you, working a long job or wrangling the young ones? Are there too many demands on your time to keep up with crafting tonight's family dinner? Grab your favorite jar of Randall's Mixed Beans- we've got a solution for you. Breaking from the traditional leafy greens … [Read more...]

Crisp Winter Bean Salad

We're always on the look out for an easy side dish and we love the idea of combining beans and cabbage. With Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner, this makes a great addition to your corned beef. When plated, the vibrant greens really emphasize the freshness of these wintery ingredients. It's … [Read more...]

Randallʼs Shrimp and Bean Salad

Making your lunch for work can sometimes be more trouble than it's worth. You either have to prepare your meals the night before, or make them the morning of. Plus, you have to make lunches for the kids, make sure their backpacks are packed, and that hopefully their socks match. Oh, and don't forget … [Read more...]

Ham and Bean Pasta Salad

Ham Pasta Salad

"Eat poor on New Year's and eat fat for the rest of the year." Eating ham on New Year's Day is said to bring you good luck in the coming year. Now this old Southern saying may or may not be true, but you should definitely whip up this delicious ham and bean recipe anyway. It's a light and refreshing … [Read more...]

Ideas for Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

It's hard to believe, but in a few days, you will be sick of turkey. You will have eaten roast turkey, turkey sandwiches and every other configuration of the bird until you could pop. Then you've still got leftover turkey to deal with. But don't panic, we've got recipes for your leftover turkey that … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Kidney Bean Recipes

Did you hear? Starting November 17, you can now get all-new Randall Beans Dark Red Kidney Beans in a convenient 14-ounce size. These small jars pack a huge wallop of nutrition and flavor. Kidney beans are popular all around the world. You can find it in American chili, Mexican salsas and even Indian … [Read more...]

Hawaiian White Bean Salad

Hawaiian White Beans

  One of the great things about beans is their ability to play the flavor chameleon. They match with almost anything you care to pair them with, from bold and spicy flavors to sweet baked goods. In this refreshing Hawaiian white bean salad, we wanted to see how beans paired with both sweet … [Read more...]