Greek White Bean Salad


Bean salads don't just have to be a side dish-they can be the star of your meal with the right ingredients and finesse. On a recent weekend when heating up the stove seemed like way too much work, we threw together a quick salad. The Great Northern white beans are filling enough that, when … [Read more...]

Light Lunches: Easy Salads with Beans

It's a lazy weekend at home, and you need a light lunch to get you through the afternoon. Or maybe you want to pack something to eat at work that won't leave you feeling heavy and tired all afternoon. Whatever the case, a light salad fortified with beans is just the thing you need. Dark, leafy … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat: Summer Bean Recipes

Summer heat and humidity can make cooking a chore. Turning on the oven or the stove is the last thing you want with the sun beating in. We've found some summer bean recipes that will make your summertime cooking more enjoyable and heat-free: Tuscan Chicken and White Bean Salad This fresh bean … [Read more...]

Apple Chicken Salad with Garbanzo Beans and Quinoa

Apple Chicked Salad with Randall's Garbanzo Beans in a bowl.

The days are growing longer and the sun is shining brighter, which means we're still serving up lots of summer time dishes and picnic-friendly recipes here at Randall Beans. Our wide variety of beans are super flexible and usable in all sorts of different ways, taking on and complementing the flavor … [Read more...]

Grilled Balsamic Three Bean Salad

A long white plate of grilled balsamic three bean sala with a wooden spatula next to it.

Summer salads are still in fashion and we're sharing one of our favorite with you! There's something special in the flavors of the Mediterranean. Whether it's the zest and zing of the spice and oils or the absolute freshness of the ingredients, these Greek inspired dishes are never anything short of … [Read more...]

Picnic Time Roundup: Summer Bean Recipes

Summer's here and the time is right for outdoor get-togethers, fun in the sun, and big family picnics! We've given you tips on preparing the perfect picnic- now it's time to check out all the awesome summer inspired bean recipes you can bring to the red and white checkered table. These summer bean … [Read more...]

Mixed Bean and Corn Farmer’s Market Salad


We love to eat seasonal recipes made with ingredients from locally owned growers. This time of year, it's easy to get out into the community and get all the fresh ingredients you need. Do you know where your local farmers market is? This is a great time of year to check it out for the freshest … [Read more...]

Easy to Fix Mixed Bean Coleslaw

Love coleslaw? We can't imagine a better cool side dish to enjoy during the warm summer months. This easy bean recipe features fresh cabbage, crunchy celery and ranch dressing. It's hard to imagine any of your picky eaters not enjoying a few bites of this yummy chilled dish. This bean-centric … [Read more...]

Southwest Black Bean & Quinoa Salad

Southwest Black Bean Quinoa

Spring is still in full bloom and the weather is continuing to warm up. What's one of the best ways to cool down during meal time out in the warm Spring climate? A beautiful, cool and absolutely delicious quinoa bean salad using Randall's famous Black Beans. This chilled salad takes no time to … [Read more...]

Warm Black Eyed Pea, Mushroom and Barley Salad

Warm Black Eyed Peas and Mushrooms Salad

Bean salads are nature's gift to busy cooks. They are easy to throw together, take delicious, keep for plenty of leftovers and pack a lot of flavor. Randall Beans make the perfect base to any bean salad side dish and are filling enough to be the main course of any dinner. This recipe is one of our … [Read more...]