Avocado Bean Salad

These days, it's pretty much always avocado season.  But they sure do taste extra delicious in the summer! For an easy summer salad, grab some ripe avocados and a jar of Randall's Mixed Beans and you have yourself a new kind of bean salad -- one that's creamy and full of flavor. This avocado bean … [Read more...]

Bean Salad in Vinaigrette

Bean Salad

Oh, those hot summer days when your only mission is to avoid the hot stove at all costs! Enter summer salads, those simple combinations of ingredients that are filling and easy to assemble. This bean salad, a crisp mixture of fresh, leafy greens dressed in a tangy vinaigrette dressing, is light and … [Read more...]

Grilled Chicken and Veggie Bean Salad

Firing up the grill is a summer tradition. The weather gets warmer and stepping outside is a treat, instead of a dreaded task. Standing in the light of the setting sun waiting to flip your dinner over as it embraces the flames of the charcoal. Each flame brings a instant reminder of summertime to … [Read more...]

When Lemon Meets Beans

Beans need a great warm weather companion. All winter they are mixed in stews and casseroles to keep consumers warm. Now, it's time to toss aside the oven mitts and let beans enjoy the wonders of the sun. Mix beans with lemon for a perfect warm weather companion. Creating lemon recipes with garbanzo … [Read more...]

Lydia’s Pinto Bean Salad

Easy Pinto Bean Salad

The life of a teenage is tiring. They begrudgingly arise at 6:00am for a full day of high school before running off to numerous after school activities and a long night of homework. These active teens are in desperate need of nutrition and protein. Plus, they are continuously hungry and crave the … [Read more...]

Bahn Mi Bean Salad

A colorful green, yellow and red Bahn Mi Bean salad on a long white plate,

Nothing says "Spring is back" like a fresh, tangy salad for lunch or as a dinner starter. To welcome back warmer weather and brighter skies, we're happy to present this bean-centric take on an old Vietnamese classic. While Bahn Mi traditionally represents any sort of bread in the Vietnamese … [Read more...]

Randallʼs Shrimp and Bean Salad

Goal: Bring a homemade lunch to work. Its 7:00 a.m. on a Monday and the last thing you are thinking about is eating healthy at noon. The kids are screaming in preparation for school, while you are making sure backpacks are packed and each kid is wearing matching socks. You can barely remember if … [Read more...]

Pinto Bean, Roasted Red Pepper and Steak Salad

Pinto Bean, Roasted Red Pepper and Steak Salad

Don't you just love it when you can be creative with leftovers? You open the refrigerator door, scan the shelves, pull out some leftover steak and if you're lucky, you create a magnificent bean salad like this one. Chances are, you can put this entire recipe together with items you already have … [Read more...]

Zesty White Bean Salad

White Bean Salad 1

Citrus is begging to be placed back into your daily meal repertoire. The daily dinner line up is demanding the sweet, tangy and zesty touches of citrus. But, without a doubt one citrus makes its comeback during springtime...... the LEMON! This bright and beautiful yellow fruit always finds its way … [Read more...]

White Bean Tuna Salad

White Bean Recipe - Tuna Salad

Arm day at the gym. Rough! You have defeated push ups, pull ups, and your weight training set. Tomorrow you may not be able to lift your morning coffee, but hey it's a sign of a good gym session. Now your body is craving a healthy dose of nutrition to balance out the intense work out. You need … [Read more...]