Welcome to Open Spigot Farm!

The land we operate on has been cultivated by farmers for more than 150 continuous years. As far back as we can find, a water spigot on the land has been used by neighbors and travelers passing through. Wanting to keep that shared history alive, we encourage everyone to feel welcome on the land, and thus the name “Open Spigot Farm” came into being.

The Farm in Winter

We try to keep you updated with all the latest happenings at Open Spigot Farm, from planting season to harvest and all the exciting events in-between. But what happens after the end of the harvest season? While operations certainly slow down, the farm is still...

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Randall’s New Years Resolutions

New Years is a time of celebration, of saying goodbye to another year we made it out of, and embracing a new year full of new possibilities. Resolutions are a traditional way of promising and challenging ourselves to improve our lives and the lives of others. Randall...

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A Randall Beans History

A little while ago, we got a lovely letter from a Randall family member, Scott Randall. He shared with us his memories of working in the factory as a child and a teenager and how much he really loved the business his great-grandparents started. In his note, Scott...

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