Winter’s coming, whether you like it or not. Rather than bemoaning the chill in the air, embrace it. Warm yourself from the inside out with a big pot of soup. Because soup has so many opportunities to add flavor, it’s a great way to experiment with vegan flavors, whether you’re a full-time veg-head or just trying it out. Here are some of our favorite vegan soup recipes, all featuring the amazing, protein-filled bean:

Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew

Don’t just save Irish food for March! The delicate caraway seeds, thyme and rosemary melt into a complex broth that will have you transported to misty Dublin. Of course, nothing Irish would be complete without potatoes and cabbage, which give the soup heft and body. Pearl barley and white beans round out the dish, giving it plenty of protein to keep you feeling hale and hearty. Serve it up with a big hunk of soda bread.

Wheat Berry and Pinto Bean Soup

Never had wheat berries? They’re a whole hulled wheat kernel, complete with bran and germ. If you were to grind them up, you’d wind up with whole-wheat flour. Left whole, they have a chewy texture and an earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with pinto beans in this soup. And let’s not forget, they’re full of protein, fiber and iron, so they’re a great ingredient to have in any vegan pantry. This recipe floats all that healthy goodness in a subtly flavored fennel and turmeric broth that’s warm and satisfying. This is just what you want to dig into on a cold, windy night.

Vegan Tortilla Soup with Pinto Beans

The secret to a great Mexican-flavored soup is using a variety of different chilies. Don’t overlook the wrinkly, dried chilies in the ethnic food aisle; they impart an amazing, smoky taste that transforms a soup from meh to marvelous. New Mexico chilies, also known as hatch chilies, are moderately spicy–think a bit milder than jalapenos. Combined with chipotle chili powder, made from dried and ground jalapenos, it creates a rich and luscious broth perfect for thickening with tortillas. Add in a few chunks of avocado and you’ve got a delicious, creamy and 100% vegan soup.

What are your favorite vegan or vegetarian soup recipes?

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