It’s hard to believe, but in a few days, you will be sick of turkey. You will have eaten roast turkey, turkey sandwiches and every other configuration of the bird until you could pop. Then you’ve still got leftover turkey to deal with. But don’t panic, we’ve got recipes for your leftover turkey that will chase the tryptophan blues away. Try these turkey and bean recipes to use that turkey in the most delicious ways.

Slow Cooker White Beans with Smoked Turkey Legs

If you have a smoked turkey on Thanksgiving, you’ve got to try this recipe. It’s ridiculously simple, with only four ingredients: great northern white beans, smoked turkey wings, onion powder and chicken stock. That’s it. Throw it all into the slow cooker in the morning, go out and do your Black Friday shopping and come back to fall-off-the-bone turkey and smokey, delicious beans. You can’t go wrong serving this up with cornbread and some chopped raw onion.

White Bean, Turkey and Kale Soup

Hey, there’s no shame in overindulging on Thanksgiving. But in the days after the holiday, you may want to consider eating a little bit lighter. This is the recipe for you. Navy beans (great northern white beans would also be okay), roasted turkey and lots of fresh healthy kale all floating around in a light broth. This soup is hearty without being heavy, and perfect for all the cold weather and snow we’re expecting over the holiday weekend. It also freezes well–just add the kale after thawing and you can enjoy the taste of Thanksgiving long into the new year.

Chopped Turkey and Garbanzo Bean Jars

Still have turkey as you head back to work? Change it up with a salad in a jar. Layer roasted turkey, garbanzo beans, fresh veggies and a balsamic vinaigrette in a mason jar. It looks adorable, but with smart layering, you can have a salad that doesn’t get soggy while you’re waiting for lunch. Using turkey in this summery salad will definitely chase away the leftover blues–and make going back to work a little bit easier.

From the Randall Beans family, here’s wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving. As always, we’re thankful for you.


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