Being a vegan means you don’t eat any product that comes from an animal, including meat, fish, dairy, eggs and even honey. For many it’s a lifestyle choice, but eating vegan occasionally can be great for your waistline and your wallet. Meat and cheese are expensive, and include fats that can clog your arteries and cling to your hips.

Beans make a fantastic addition to vegan meals. They’re high in protein and leave you feeling full. Whether you’re a committed vegan or just interested in trying something new, give these vegan bean recipes a try:

Pinto Bean and Kale Thibka

There’s so much flavor in this spicy North African dish you’ll forget there isn’t a scrap of meat in it. Thibka is a delicacy that pairs pinto beans with dark green kale, spicy jalapenos, bunches of fresh herbs and smoked paprika. Serve this treat drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice for a hearty, filling meal that’ll transport you to an entirely different world.

White Bean Potato Burgers with Basil

Everyone loves a thick, juicy burger, and this meatless version is sure to satisfy. Mashed great northern white beans are combined with steamed potatoes and nutritional yeast and formed into patties. Grill ’em and serve on whole wheat buns with leaves of fresh basil on top. The patties are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, and the fresh basil gives this burger a definite “wow!” factor.

Pinto Bean Pueblo Corn Pie

All right, it’s really more of a casserole than a pie, but this tasty southwestern dish proves that vegan food can still have tons of flavor–and even cheese! Combine pinto beans and corn with your favorite chili seasonings. Top it with cornmeal and bake until it’s golden brown and bubbling. Top with a vegan cheese substitute and you’ll  have an incredible dish everyone will love.

Vegan bean recipes are anything  but boring–what are your favorites?

Meatless Monday is so much more appealing when incorporating this tasty dish featuring Randall Beans Great Northern Beans

Randall Beans Pinto Beans are an important part of a healthy diet that can be used to lower your blood pressure