When you think of beans, you probably think of classic recipes like chili and soup. But lately, we’re seeing beans pop up in more and more creative ways. Tired of the same boring pepperoni pizza? Substitute white beans for your red sauce for a nutty take on the classic pie. Want to lighten up classic Buffalo dip? Beans allow you to cut out the cream cheese without losing any of the creaminess. And for the truly adventurous, we even have white bean cupcakes. Do you dare to make these unique recipes featuring beans?


White Bean Italian Pizza

This pizza uses white beans instead of tomato sauce. The beans are pureed with spices and herbs then spread out over a pizza crust and topped with traditional pizza toppings.


Baked Bean and Tomato Cupcakes

Cupcakes with baked beans and tomatoes? Sounds odd until you give them a try. These cupcakes are light and moist even though they’re baked with healthy ingredients. The tomatoes taste more fruity than savory and no one will guess beans as the secret ingredient. Cinnamon gives them a homemade spice cake vibe.  This is definitely one for the foodie crowd.


White Bean Game Day Dip

Buffalo chicken dip makes an appearance at most parties. By substituting white beans for the cream cheese and chicken, you’ll lighten it up and still have a hearty dish. The signature Buffalo sauce is the star of the recipe. With so many varieties to choose from, you can make this as hot or as mild as you like.


What are your favorite unique recipes featuring beans?

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