We recently attended the 2014 PACK EXPO in Chicago, Illinois. The EXPO offered a showcase of top-of-the-line packaging equipment and production plant machinery from a large selection of vendors. Our team was exited to have the chance to talk to vendors on the floor and gain insight on ways to make our bean packing plant more efficient through upgraded technology and equipment.

The event ran from Nov. 2nd through Nov. 5th and our team came away from the three-day trip with lots of new updates and knowledge about advances in the packaging industry. We were looking at fillers, palletizers, de-palletizers, new bar code machines and x-ray equipment to improve our process and ended up investing in a new piece of packaging equipment for our plant.

A Commitment to the Environment

One of our goals for 2015 is to reduce our overall carbon footprint. This means we need to find ways to more efficiently package and ship our jars of beans so we use less gas transporting the product across the nation. This goal also means we need to invest in more energy-efficient packing, jarring, and sorting equipment so we use less energy at our plant but maintain or increase our production output. We’re happy to announce we found an answer to these some of these new challenges at PACK EXPO.

The ARPAC shrink wrapping and bundling machine will help our plant get more jars of beans onto less palettes and lower our carbon emissions both in our facility and through the transportation process. This cutting-edge technology is exactly the kind of upgrade we’re looking to invest in to increase the amount of beans we can put on super-market shelves while becoming “green-friendly.” Here’s what the ARPAC machine looks like up close:

ARPAC packing machine

Growing beans doesn’t just mean investing in fancy packaging and machinery. It means doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment and promoting a healthy world for our growers to cultivate for generations to come. We’re excited with our new investment and can’t wait to continue upgrading our facility to help build a better tomorrow.