We could bend your ear off with the nutritional benefits of pinto beans, but we know you’re more interested in what things like manganese and molybdenum can actually do to help decrease the risk of disease than in their complicated scientific names. Lifestyle.com notes that pinto beans are fantastic for people with diabetes, hypoglycemia and insulin resistance because they stabilize blood sugar levels. Pinto beans are also known to prevent constipation, other serious digestive disorders and even heart disease. People who have a greater need for iron in their diets, such as pregnant women and growing children, can also find what they’re looking for in pinto beans. Don’t miss the chance to pick up Randall’s Pinto Beans on your grocery’s shelf:




And how about the great beans vs. meat nutritional debate? Believe it or not, when you compare calorie count and protein levels, pinto beans and lean meat are not so different at all in terms of overall nutritional oomph. Even better, beans have loads of fiber, meaning a healthy digestive system,  while meat which has none. One cup of beans has half the recommended daily dose of fiber for a well-balanced diet. Beans are also the better choice in terms of water content, because they have great nutritional value while making you feel full and not food-deprived. Also, red meat is very high in fat. Beans are fat-free (and still delicious), which makes them an excellent addition to any diet. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

So whether you’re diabetic, iron or fiber-deprived, or you’re just looking for a delicious and healthy meal for you and your family, rest easy when you crack open that jar of Randall Pinto Beans Beans!


Randall Pinto Beans are an important part of a healthy diet that can be used to lower your blood pressure