Beans… in dessert? It seems like a curious combination but is surprisingly delicious. Adding beans gives a dessert a boost of protein to make you feel awake and satisfied, instead of the sugar crash promised by most sugar-filled treats. Replace tradition baking bases with beans to try something new. Experiment with anything from black beans to great northern beans in your recipes. To jump-start your creativity, test out the recipes below. Each are delicious and convey a new taste sensation. Now, let your sweet tooth get the best of you and be free from the worry of processed sugars. Find your favorite with our choices of excellent bean dessert recipes!


White Bean Coconut Cake

White bean coconut cake created by Chef in Disguise looks very similar to a light and fluffy angel food cake. It’s crumbling texture and melt in your mouth flavor make it a dessert that is calling your name. The ingredients include vanilla, white beans and sugar to taste. The cake yearns for fresh fruits and a sprinkling of coconut to finish. An added bonus is how beautiful the final product will look on the plate!


Chocolate Covered Brownie Pops

Make your own cake pops of enjoyment with this Chocolate Covered Brownie Pops recipe from The Glowing Fridge. These pops begin with a black bean base mixed with cacao powder, maple syrup and sea salt for a delicious cake mix. Then dipped in melted chocolate for a heavenly coating. Make each cake pop picturesque by topping it with sprinkles, coconut, or chocolate chips. Turn these brownie pops into a “guess the ingredient” game to see if anyone can taste the beans!


Bean desserts are absolutely delicious as proven by the fabulous recipes above. If you are craving more of these protein-packed sweet treats check out our Sweet Holiday Treats Cookbook. It is full of desserts that will continuously satisfy your sweet tooth. From brownies to cookies to pie, you can’t go wrong with bean desserts no matter the season.

This white bean recipe can be made with either Randall Great Northern Beans or the Randall Organic products.