Live from Open Spigot Farm in Miller’s Cove, Tennessee. Our farm is the newest expansion of our company, in an effort to grow beans by utilizing all organic farming techniques.

Farm House Demolition

Just this past month, we decided to remove the farm house on the property. The house was very old and slowly crumbling at the seams. We discussed different ways to approach the house and ultimately decided to tear it down. For the project, we brought in the big trucks to do the heavy lifting. A small excavator and haul truck came in to complete the demolition. It was straight out of a toddlers dream with the big yellow trucks and crumbling blocks. We are considering building another house or just embracing the open space.

Randall Horses

We added another horse to the family. Her name is Little Miss Tennessee. She gets along well with Ginger and Ben, the veteran horses of Open Spigot.  Although, they have a lot to teach the newest addition about life on the farm, our bet is Little Miss Tennessee has just as many things to teach the veterans. All the horses love the wide, open spaces of Tennessee, while being pampered as the unofficial mascots of Open Spigot Farm. The sassy personalities of the horses always make trips to the farm extra special and we are so excited about the newest addition to the family.

One Year Anniversary

Our one year anniversary of Open Spigot Farm is coming up in July. It’s delightful to see the progress we made over a year from clearing the land of poison ivy to discovering the amazing local plants of Tennessee. With our one year anniversary, it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and create a vision for the future. The farm allows us to continue our adventure in organic farming and appreciate the beauty in everything from turnips to heirloom apple trees.


Below are the pictures of the farm house demolition for your viewing pleasure.

Farm House Removal 2 Farm House Removal 1


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