Live from Open Spigot Farm in Miller’s Cove, Tennessee. Our farm is the newest expansion of our company, in an effort to grow beans by utilizing all organic farming techniques. May is an exciting time to be on the farm with the warming weather, new crops sprouting and all the adventures summer holds.

Bean Sprouts

The beans are coming! Open Spigot Farm found its first bean sprouts and we could not be more excited. All of our work to clear the land and prepare for the growing season is beginning to be successful. The sprouts are slowly coming up and we await many more as May continues. Everyone at the farm feels like a proud parent as the beans become to grow and prepare to be harvested. Our endeavor to clear the land of poison ivy last summer and carefully till the land was all worthwhile. The soil of Tennessee is incredibly rich and is perfectly framed by the beauty of the bright blue sky. We can’t wait to see a field full of green and beans.

New Farm House

The new farm house is under construction! Last month, we tore down the farm house on the premise. The house was slowly falling apart and we wanted to build a safer, more sustainable building for the farm. Now a cement base for the new house has been created and a new house is on its way. The construction team is hard at work to complete the house by the end of the summer. Check out the picture below of the wood being laid on the cement base.

Farm Pictures

All of you are in for a treat this summer. Everyone on the farm has a different perspective and photo story to share about Open Spigot. Be on the look out for exciting pictures around the farm, whether its the fields, horses or harvesting. Have the chance to get an first hand view of Open Spigot in the beautiful Tennessee sun.

It seems all the April shower did in fact bring May flowers. Below are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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