When we purchased the farm property now named Open Spigot in Miller’s Cove, Tennessee, we immediately knew it would provide an opportunity to test organic farming methods for our growers. The area is rich with good bean-growing soil and provides a temperate climate for our crops. While we know the little family farm will never be large enough to grow beans for our consumers, we’re excited to use it as a research and development testing ground for organic growing practices and the reintroduction of heirloom bean species.

Our heirloom growing program is spearheaded by our head farming consultant and Tennessee bean-growing legend, John Coykendall. With John’s help, we’ve learned all there is to know about ancient and almost forgotten bean species, including the Dragon’s Tongue Bean and French Heirloom bean species. We’ve already written a bit about John in our introduction to the Open Spigot Farm, and we’re proud to call him part of the Randall Beans Family.

The Organic Strategy

Open Spigot Farm is our sandbox for testing and developing organic growing methods. We’re going to bring tested and effective organic growing methods to the bean industry as a whole, meaning once we’ve hit on an effective strategy at our little farm, we’ll bring it to our family of growers and help them implement those techniques in their growing cycles. Our hope is to set an example for making organic methods work for larger growing operations so we can sell a healthier, friendly product on supermarket shelves.

Starting new heirloom variety crops from rare bean seeds and cultivating them on our farm also allows us to build a library of new species to offer our growers. Our heirloom beans all have different looks, textures, tastes, and nutritional values to offer consumers, and expanding our offerings will give our valued customers more options at the supermarket, which is something no other bean producer can offer.

As summer approaches we want to share the beauty of the farm with all our readers.  The fields continue to sprout as we move further into growing season. Also, the wildflowers of Tennessee are picturesque as they bloom in patches along the farm. We appreciate Open Spigot Farm daily which constantly reminds us of why we invested in organic farming.

Below are a few of the newest pictures from Open Spigot Farm. You can always check out our Open Spigot Instagram for more!

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