If you read the Randall blog or follow us on social media, you’ll know that we love hearing from our customers. Recently, we got a real treat — hearing from the great-grandson of the original founder of Randall Beans, Scott Randall. We’re sharing his letter here:


My name is Scott Randall. My great-grandparents started your business. My grandfather, Scott, and his brother, Harvey, along with my father, Howard, ran the business. I worked as a child and into my teens at the factory. I now live in California and so miss your and my family’s grand product. All those who have passed that were involved with Randall’s Beans would be so proud of how your vision has made this product even better. I thank you for caring to make this grand product even better. I heard, I think that Bill had passed, and I am sorry. He would be so proud.


Scott Randall 

Thank you to Scott for sharing this. We were really touched and excited to learn a little more about the Randall Beans founders and their families.