The Randall Beans blog wouldn’t be possible without spectacular recipes submitted by our food bloggers. Today we highlight one of our favorites, Kate from Babaganosh. Though a research scientist in New Jersey by day, Kate found her passion in food long ago, and continues to come up with creative and delicious food ideas every day.

From Quinoa Black Bean Burgers to veggie tots, our food blogger Kate loves to create delicious recipes for her family, friends, and Randall Beans fans!


How did you get started as a food blogger?

My fiance has always encouraged me to start a food blog because he loves my cooking. A couple of years ago he started a personal finance blog and got addicted to this blogging thing! That made me curious and made me take the plunge as well and start Babaganosh.


How’d you choose the name of your blog?

Babaganosh is a play on words, combining Baba ganoush with the word Nosh. I really like the saying “baba ganoush” for some reason, it’s fun to say. Try it! So when I came up with Babaganosh, I knew it would give me an excuse to say the word over and over.


What’s your favorite type of food to make?

Even though I am a meat eater, I love making good hearty vegetarian food, the kind that leaves you satisfied and makes even meat lovers forget that there is no meat on their plate. I also like mixing together a bunch of different ingredients and seeing if something good comes out of that, especially if it can be made in one pan. This is why I love making all kinds of potato or sweet potato hashes. The possibilities are endless with different ingredients thrown in – different vegetables, beans, corn, spices, sauteed greens – everything goes in one pan and comes out delicious!


Do you have a recipe that you’ve created that is your favorite?

Vegetable tots. I make tots out of yellow squash, zucchini, or cauliflower. I love bite-sized crispy tater tots, and these vegetable tots are a much healthier way to enjoy the tot experience.


Whose cooking are you most inspired by?

My mom’s. The funny thing is she would say the same about me. I guess we feed off each other’s ideas, and we love to cook together. Whenever I go visit her for a weekend our first priority is “so what should we cook this weekend?”


What’s your favorite way to incorporate beans into a recipe?

I like to make beans the centerpiece of my meal. For example, chickpeas sauteed with greens and spices, or hearty salads with beans, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and a zesty vinaigrette. (I am getting hungry just thinking about it!) Both of these meal ideas are super quick and easy to make and are very nutritious.

Thank you to Kate for sharing and giving us a look inside her kitchen! Make sure to visit Babaganosh to see more of Kate’s recipes.