Amber at ArlinkWe work with food bloggers every month to create the recipes we bring to you. Each recipe from our food bloggers is crafted with our bean fans in mind — we want you to have access tasty recipes that you also have the ability to recreate. If you’ve ever wondered about the people behind the recipes, wonder no more!

Introducing, Amber, our food blogger behind recipes like Cinco De Mayo Roasted Corn and Black-eyed Pea Beans Pico, Cheesy Quinoa and Black Bean Burgers and Meat, Bean and Potato Casserole. Her regular food blog is A Ginger in the Kitchen.


How did you get started as a food blogger?

I started cooking out of financial necessity. My family experienced a job loss and we were forced to find ways to save money. Not going out to eat all the time was a HUGE savings for us. Once we were forced into the kitchen, we discovered we had a knack for it. I started posting pictures on my Instagram account and people always bugged me for the recipes so I started the blog.


How’d you choose the name of your blog?

I am a natural red head, so A Ginger in the Kitchen just seemed like a good choice.


What’s your favorite type of food to make?

I love making Asian food, especially Vietnamese. There’s something about the way the fresh veggies meld with the spices that make me so happy.


Do you have a recipe you’ve created that is your favorite?

I do. It’s a very simple Kale salad with roasted cherry tomatoes, capers, fresh grated Parmesan, and farfalle pasta. It’s easy to make and I could eat it every day.


Whose cooking are you most inspired by?

I am actually most inspired by the brave souls who go on those cooking shows. I consider myself a good home cook, but there’s no way I could handle the pressure of those competitions. I love to watch them come up with creative ways to create amazing dishes with the obstacles they are presented with.


What’s your favorite way to incorporate beans into a recipe?

Beans are so versatile, so I have found that you can basically incorporate them into anything, but I really love soups and stews.


Thank you to Amber for letting us know a little more about you and your wonderful recipes! You can see more of Amber’s work at her blog, A Ginger in the Kitchen.