Group Of Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Car Park

The only thing better than watching and rooting on your favorite football team compete this season is tailgating before the big game. Filled with friends, family, games and food, where true fans throw on their jerseys and facepaint, ignore the cold and show their true fandom. Seriously what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, many tailgating staples like burgers, hot dogs, brats and ribs are far from the healthiest choice. We’ve come up with a few recipes that keep with sacred game-day traditions, get you ready for kickoff, satisfy your hunger but keep you and your heart healthy. Game on!


Mexican Quinoa Bites

We found these tasty treats over at Alida’s Kitchen, and boy are they the perfect game-day snack! These cheesy mini muffins are sure to satisfy your pre-game cravings. But, made with quinoa as the main ingredient, a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds similar in some respects to buckwheat, which many consider to be the healthiest food out there, you know they will be just as healthy as they are satisfying. Ready in just minutes, prepare just before you head for the stadium or before your party arrives. And be sure to use Randall’s black beans for that little extra something.


White Bean Buffalo Game Day Dip

Made from a puree of Randall white beans and hot sauce. this simple, fast and tasty will get your game-day party going quicker than you can yell “DE-FENSE.” Whether served with celery, tortilla chips, or anything in between, you can kick the flavor up a few notches based on your tastes. To accentuate the buffalo flavor, pair the dip with bleu cheese for a tangy counterpoint. No matter how you customize it, make sure you have enough to last you the whole game, it could be a long one.


Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Black Bean Burgers

Let’s face it: no game-day tailgate is complete without firing up the grill and making burgers. What kind of burgers, however, is up to you! So, how about trying these Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Black Bean Burgers we found at Domestic Superhero? Filled with ooey, gooey, melted cheese and spicy jalapenos, this black bean burger is a great meatless burger alternative. The patties are a mixture of black beans, breadcrumbs, corn, oats and spices. Prepare the patties ahead of time and fix them up on the grill in no time. The recipe calls for a roll as a bun, but their just as good on a bun if you’re more of a sesame seed bun kind of person.


Three Bean Chicken Chili

This one is one of our chili favorites from right here at Randall Beans, and it is the perfect game-day meal on chilly afternoons! It takes only a handful of ingredients and 35 minutes to create a meal that is a total touchdown.  The mixture of pinto, dark red kidney and great northern beans adds a robust flavor. Combining classic spices with juicy, tender chicken along with the three beans will make this batch of chili your best ever. Your rowdy fans will have full bellies and you will definitely be crowned the host with the most after serving a dish as good as this.



Score Big with your fans by adding Randall Beans Great Northern White Beans to any meal.