ashleighWe love our food bloggers! They are constantly showing us fun, original and delicious ways to use our beans and we love passing the recipes on to you. We would like you to meet the latest addition to our team of bloggers: Ashleigh Evans of Dash of Evans.


Grand Rapids, MI

How did you get started as a food blogger?

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years. In the beginning, I wrote about saving money and using coupons. As my kids grew older, I realized I was cooking WAY more than couponing. I wanted to show my readers how to create delicious recipes, while still being on a budget.

How’d you choose the name of your blog?

A Dash of Evans is a little look into our lives, as the Evans family. While food is my main interest, I like to share a dash of everything going on: family, crafts, travel and more!

What’s your favorite type of food to make?

I can eat Mexican food every day – I love to healthify favorites like enchiladas or tacos by adding beans and extra veggies. Salsa and guac are a staple in our house! Last May, I did a whole month of my favorite Mexican recipes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I also love comfort food with a healthy twist.

Do you have a recipe you’ve created that is your favorite?

Sriracha Chex Mix. It’s a really simple recipe, but it’s one that everyone request. I make it for road trips, care packages and every gathering! It’s lightened up with coconut oil, instead of butter. SO addicting! Another favorite is my Greek Yogurt Banana Bread.

Whose cooking are you most inspired by?

Growing up, my mom cooked dinner every night. I am inspired by her home-style cooking with a twist of Rachel Ray. In college, as I was trying to not burn down the apartment with my cooking, I religiously watched 30 Minute Meals. I love her bold flavors, yet simple ingredients.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate beans into a recipe?

Being on a budget, meat can get to be expensive. To stretch a dollar, I usually buy meat in one pound portions, then bulk it up with portein from beans. It’s a great way to add extra fiber to your meal too! One of my twins is nicknamed “Beans” because she eats them straight out of the jar – she’s been obsessed since she was little. I stock our pantry with every style of bean for quick and easy recipes. Randall Beans are my favorite because they come in the convenient jar. If I only need 1/2 cup, I can pop the rest in the fridge for other recipes during the week. Such a lifesaver! I also love to puree beans for dips and casseroles.


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