You asked for ’em. You got ’em!

Randall Beans is happy to announce that our 48-ounce varieties of Great Northern Beans and Dark Red Kidney Beans are now available at Meijer!

This kind of news calls for a celebration! A bowl of Randall’s Classic Chili with Kidney Beans or Italian-Style Ham and Beans anyone? Randall Beans will stay fresh in your pantry, so it’s always a great idea to have a couple jars hanging around for last-second dinner preparation or just satisfying that Randall Beans craving. Head over to your local Meijer and restock your pantry with Randall Beans.

In addition to Meijer, our beans can be found in a variety of different grocery stores across Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, New England, North and South Dakota, Tennessee, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

If you can’t find our beans near you, tell the store manager that you want us there!

Of course, you can always have our beans shipped straight to your door from our online store. All traditional and organic varieties of Randall Beans are available, as well as sampler and variety packs.

Randall Beans are the delicious, fully cooked beans in the glass jar. Our beans are healthy, gluten-free and with a taste you and your family will love. We select only the highest quality beans and use a rigorous sorting process to make sure you receive a jar full of the best beans possible. Our beans don’t include any artificial preservatives, chemicals or heavy seasonings. You can see the quality of our plump, delicious beans through the distinctive Randall Beans glass jar.