When people jump on their computers or flip through a cookbook looking for bean recipes, they often only think of beans as one dimensional.

Beans have been unfairly classified as an ingredient that only has a place in soups, stews and chili. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beans are one of the most versatile ingredients a chef could ever ask for.

More than just soups and stews, bean recipes can range from main courses, appetizers, side dishes and more. In fact, we are willing to bet that there are several dishes you frequently eat that can be prepared or even enhanced by beans.

Here are a couple very common recipes that you can make with beans.



Sandwiches can be kind of a mundane meal. Slapping a couple pieces of deli meat and cheese between two pieces of bread is about as easy as it gets for lunch. Not too exciting.

Did you know beans can be used as the centerpiece of your sandwich? Not only does it help break up the doldrums, but beans are a delicious and easy substitute.

Beans are hearty and an excellent source of protein. They can easily be used to substitute your sandwich meat or cheese.

“But won’t the beans just fall off and make a messy sandwich?” Not if you get a little creative! Try mashing up your beans with other ingredients, herbs and spices to make a tasty spread and top it off with healthy veggies.

You can also use beans in your chicken salad recipe and serve between bread. The mayo helps bind it together and keep your sandwich from falling apart.



What if we told you that regular old Randall Beans could be used to make mouth-watering brownies, cookies, cakes and even pies? Would you believe us?

It’s a crazy notion, right? But it is 100% true!

Black beans and great northern beans (but honestly any bean will do) can be mixed up into a batter or filling for your tasty treats. Beans are the perfect binder and completely eliminates the use of flour and even eggs in some recipes. This will not only make the recipe more healthy but also make them vegan-friendly. Trust us, just add a little bit of sugar and cocoa powder to the mix and you will never know the difference.

Try one of our favorite bean-based brownie recipes:  Peanut Butter Fudge No-Bake Brownies.

You can even use the liquid your beans float in that you usually just rinse off off throw away. It’s called aquafaba, and it can be used as an egg white substitute for making cakes, pies and meringue.



Just like in your sandwich you have for lunch, beans can bring a whole new elevation to salads.

Use them as a substitute for protein or just give your salad something a little extra. The creamy and heartiness of beans provide wonderful texture and help break up the constant crunch of lettuce, tomato and carrots. You can even spice and season them up the way your normally would any other meat or protein. How about this spicy, southwestern salad?

Randall Beans can even shine on their own in a salad! Bean salads are a terrific and delicious way to incorporate a variety of different beans, veggies, herbs and spices. Side dish or main course, bean salads can do it all. Try out some of our very own Randall Beans bean salad recipes like Old Fashioned Three Bean Salad or Mexican Bean Salad.

Beans aren’t only good in a variety of recipes, they are also good used in a variety of cultures. Beans are eaten and beloved across the world in unique bean recipes. We are celebrating this diversity with our latest cookbook, full of bean recipes.

Summertime is the perfect time to try this tasty recipe featuring Randall Great Northern Beans.