One kind of food that is criminally underused in breakfast food is beans.

People don’t often think of beans in breakfast recipes, and if they do their minds often go to the controversial English Breakfast: baked beans on toast. The English Breakfast has never really caught on over here in the states, but that doesn’t mean beans for breakfast shouldn’t also!

Just as there are for lunch and dinner, there are plenty of breakfast recipes that utilize beans in creative and delicious ways. From hash to casseroles or muffins and breakfast burritos and quesadillas, beans are capable of playing major roles in breakfast recipes. Here are a few of our favorites.

Chocolate Black Bean Blender Muffins

Muffins are a breakfast favorite! There’s nothing like a little that little bit of sweetness along with your fruit, eggs, bacon or whatever you’re chowing down on Sunday morning. Just like cookies, brownies and cupcakes, beans can be easily used to make scrumptious muffins. This recipe from Kristin’s Kitchen uses black beans as a base to create a perfect chocolate muffin substitute that doesn’t sacrifice on flavor. Beans are a healthier choice to use in a batter because it is extremely high in protein.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash

Breakfast hash is a southern classic. Grilled potatoes and onions with a nice crunchy crust, mixed in some veggies and topped with a fried egg. What’s not to like. This recipe we found on BuzzFeed takes the classic hash and gives it a sweet twist. In addition to adding black beans for extra flavor and protein, this recipe also uses sweet potatoes and spinach in the mix and pairs it with avocado. The avocado gives it a nice garnish and creamy texture.

Breakfast Quesadilla with Cheese, Spinach and White Beans

Sometimes on weekdays and busy weekend mornings, you may not have time to cook and need breakfast fast. In these times it pays to have something at the ready. This breakfast quesadilla from Well Plated is simple and easy to prepare when you have time, but also sits well in the freezer as a quick breakfast fix. Eggs, cheese, spinach and great northern beans make up the filling for this protein-rich, delicious quesadilla that isn’t only simple but healthy and delicious.

Southwestern Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast casseroles are the best! Wake up Sunday morning, toss a bunch of ingredients in a dish, cook it in the oven and wah la! So what makes a good casserole? Eggs, obviously, potatoes, veggies, meat, cheese and now beans! Strap yourself in, because this Southwest-style casserole from Julia’s Album is about to be your new favorite. This breakfast recipe is perfect for brunches or large families.

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This recipe can be made with either Randall Beans Great Northern Beans or the Randall Beans Organic products.