It’s important to keep your cholesterol low.

High cholesterol levels in your body limit your blood’s ability to flow through your body and can result increase your risk of stroke and heart disease.

One of the best ways to keep your cholesterol levels low is through eating a healthy diet. While all fruits and vegetables are great, there are a few “superfoods” that are ultimate cholesterol fighters!

This list is a helpful guide for great cholesterol-fighting decisions! With all the great things we’ve told you in the past about beans, it should come to no that they are high on the list of the best cholesterol-fighting foods – coming in at #2.

We were also pleasantly surprised to see another one of our favorite foods make the top 5 – avocados which came in on #4 on the list!

Beans and avocados are one of our favorite culinary pairings, having featured them together in a number of delicious and simple recipes over the years. Both are fresh, flavorful and versatile ingredients.

With these two spotlighted as powerhouse cholesterol fighters, there’s a whole new reason to try them together for low cholesterol recipes. All of these recipes are also perfect summertime recipes!


Citrus Avocado Bean Salad

This new recipe comes to use from one of our fans, Lorraine. She was looking for something delicious, healthy and simple that would perfectly capture the essence of summer. Combining cucumber, Randall Beans great northern beans, avocado and parsley create a perfect balance of crunchy and smooth textures and brilliantly fresh flavors. Top that off with citrus from clementines and a little white balsamic vinegar zaps the dish with bright acidity.


Organic Pinto Bean Salad with Avocado Dressing

This summer salad recipe is one of our all-time favorites and one of the many tasty creations to come to us from Kate at Babaganoush – Darn Good Food. Spicing up our organic Randall Beans pinto beans with some Cajun seasoning gives them an incredible flavor that helps make this salad pop. Don’t worry, this salad isn’t meant to light up mouth. Avocados provide the base for a smooth, creamy dressing that balances out spices and flavors perfectly.


Incredible Black Bean Guacamole

Who doesn’t love fresh guacamole?! Avocado, onion, peppers and cilantro give guac its mouthwatering flavor. This traditional guacamole recipe is taken to the next level with Randall Beans black beans. Our black beans make this Mexican dip heartier and give it a great additional flavor that enhances the flavors you know and love. There isn’t a better way to get your mix of avocado and beans!


Avocado Mixed Bean Salad

Want another heart-healthy, cholesterol-fighting salad? We’ve got you covered! And trust us, this is no side salad – it’s a full on main course! Hearty mixed beans, avocado, fresh crispy lettuce and a zesty dressing make this salad as healthy as it is delicious. Yet another summertime delight!

Summertime is the perfect time to try this tasty recipe featuring Randall Great Northern Beans.