Dad Dinners in a Dash

What’s a “Dad Dinner”? You know what we are talking about: evenings where dads, or expecting daddies, are in charge of dinner and needs to feed a hungry momma or the kids. He’s going to want easy recipes that are quick and simple but doesn’t skimp on taste.

We always love an easy and delicious recipe, which is why we put together the Dad Dinner cookbooks. This collection is full of easy bean recipes that can be prepared in less than for nights when it’s dad’s turn to cook or you just want something simple and don’t want to fuss with lots of pots and pans.

This cookbook has soups, salads and even some more complex meals using few, simple ingredients for when you want to impress without much work. All of these recipes feature our hearty Randall Beans!

This collection is full of classics that hit the mark. Each and every recipe features our delicious Randall Beans, simple ingredients and can be made in under an hour.


Randall Beans are hearty and healthy beans sold in jars! Check out our collection of delicious bean recipes and bean cookbooks.

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