Every year Randall Beans takes great pride in participating in the Tekonsha Labor Day Garage Sale. Tekonsha, of course, is the birthplace of Randall Beans and the location of our very first plant. And this year, being the 29th year of the annual Tekonsha Labor Day Garage Sale, is extra special.

With the blowout garage sale happening this Labor Day weekend, we thought it would be fun to talk about the history of the event. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.


It began on Labor Day weekend in 1988 and has been held every Labor Day weekend ever since.

Throughout the years, there have been hundreds of sales in the community. The 1st year started with the intention of simply having the citizens and homeowners of Tekonsha able to band together to help entice the garage sale shoppers to attend. They incorporated multiple sales in a small community setting all within walking distance was captivating. The idea struck a chord and only grew from there.

The popularity of the event grew annually, and so did the vendors. Many started coming from outside the village to set up their saleable treasures. Each year, you will see many friends and families who have made arrangements with village homeowners to set up in their yards to sell. The event has grown with outside people setting up salable items along the roadside as you enter the village and set up in parking lots of businesses.


Originally it was scheduled for SaturdaySunday and Labor Day. But, now you can find people coming in to set up as early as Wednesday. Most will set up through the weekend, although Friday and Saturday are the busiest days.

The village is so packed with shoppers that the best and most convenient way to venture down the streets is often by golf cart, four wheelers, bikes, off road vehicles including lawn mowers pulling trailers to haul their garage sale purchases. But don’t worry, the streets are well monitored by police officials to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and ticket anyone not complying with restrictions.

Tekonsha organizations and businesses take advantage of the crowds and provide food booths and refreshments for weary shoppers. The Union Church Women’s Fellowship has a luncheon and bake sale at the church on Saturday each year. Of course, Randall Beans Soup is always on the menu along with homemade sandwiches and desserts.

Tekonsha is home to approximately 700 people. However, during the event, you can be assured there are a few thousand shoppers that come to find a bargain that they can’t refuse. There are many loyal shoppers that attend each year and many come from surrounding states like Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. We even see folks all the way from Florida just to get their hands on a couple jars of our beans.

We hope to see you around town this year, but if you can’t make it be sure to plan a visit next year for the big 30th anniversary… you know we’ll be there!