This year’s Tekonsha Labor Day Garage Sale had a fantastic turnout!

We have so much fun at this annual get-together but it doesn’t make it any less special each year. Thanks to all of you who participated, helped out, bought some jars of Randall Beans and even those of you who just stopped by to say hello.

We were fortunate enough to get some great photos from our very, Kathy Pike (thanks, Kathy!). Here are some of our favorites and highlights from the sale this year.

A family affair

Tekonsha Labor Day Garage Sale

From our origins with the Randall family to the recipes we create, family is always on our mind. So, it’s only fitting that Kathy had a little family help running our table at the yard sale! Kathy (in the middle) was joined by her daughter and grandson. This bean-sellin’ dream team kept our table and our customers fully stocked with beans all weekend!

Wagons, scooters and tractors

Tekonsha Labor Day Garage Sale

The Labor Day garage sale is a pretty busy time for Tekonsha! With visitors coming from all over, the village is often packed. This can sometimes make traveling around town a little interesting as cars avoid people and people avoid cars. Police are there to make sure everyone is safe, but often people will take unique approaches to getting around. We spotted all sorts interesting modes of transportation, including this adorable tractor/wagon pull and even a handful of scooters!

Tekonsha labor day garage saleKeeping the people happy and full

What’s a Randall Beans sale without a little grub? The women’s fellowship at the Union Church in town provides a homemade luncheon for the public on Saturday. Randall Beans soup is always on the menu and always a hit with the crowd. Homemade sandwiches, pie, brownies, cookies and chips are also sold – the perfect compliments to bean soup.  Jeannette Randall’s famous cabbage soup is also a favorite.

If you were at the 2017 Tekonsha Labor Day Garage Sale we would love to hear from you and see your pictures! Feel free to share them on our Facebook page, where you can find more pictures from this year’s garage sale weekend.

Hope to see you next year! We love you, Tekonsha!