Virginia Ham and Bean Chowder


Holiday ham is so, so good! But, more often than not, there is oh so much leftover!

Thankfully, there is no better pairing than leftover ham and Randall Beans. In the spirit of the season (and in the spirit of helping you power through your leftover ham this holiday) we rounded up some of the most delicious and delicious ham and bean soup combos we could find. Some of them are our very own creations. The others are our new favorites!


Ham, Great Northern Bean and Collard Greens Soup

This recipe is one of our most popular ham and bean recipes. It’s packed with extra ham and made even more hearty with our Great Northern Beans. You can make this one easy-peasy by tossing all the ingredients in a crockpot in the morning before you leave for work. We also throw in some collard greens a few minutes before serving. The collard greens give the dish a smoky and earthy tone and makes it all the better for this time of year. Collard greens are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that will help fight any cold or sickness you may run into this winter.


One Pot Creamy White Bean and Ham, Tortellini Soup

Carl’s Bad Craving brings a recipe to the table so creamy, hearty and rich it’s almost sinful. Best of all? This recipe is a one-pot masterpiece with no clean up of a bunch of pots and pans and can be ready to go in less than 30 minutes. With lots of cream and butter, this one will definitely stick to your ribs on a cold winter day. But, with lots of fresh veggies and protein-rich Randall Beans Great Northern Beans, this soup recipe isn’t just a total indulgence.


Ham and Bean Soup with Mushrooms

How about a little gluten-free ham and beans soup? Briana Thomas has this great recipe that doesn’t actually use the ham itself, but any leftover ham broth you have kept. By refrigerating it, you can remove the layer of fat that forms making this recipe almost entirely fat free. But don’t worry, while there isn’t any meat, this recipe is still has a full body. That comes compliments of our Randall Beans Pinto Beans and chunky mushrooms. Plus, the ham broth provides exquisite ham flavor and salty flavor.


Italian-Style Ham and Bean Soup

Italian Ham and Beans? Why not! This recipe from our food blogger Ashleigh made us a true believer in the versatile flavors and options for ham and bean soup. While we hate messing with perfection, sometimes it is fun to take a new approach to something timeless. While this recipe has all the makings of a traditional pot of ham and beans, some subtle differences make it a unique turn that you’ll definitely want in your recipe book. Watch the video and follow along as you prepare it yourself.


Virginia Ham and Bean Chowder

Classic “chowda” is taking an East-coast road trip south to Virginia in this recipe from Faith, Hope, Love & Luck. Instead of New England clams, we’re using Virgina ham for this chowder alongside hearty Randall Beans Great Northern Beans. The recipe calls for cannellini beans, but great northern beans are just as good of a substitute… it not better! Toss in carrots, onions and fresh herbs and you’ve got yourself a rich soup recipe that will keep everybody happy, full and warm.

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Transform your holiday left overs into something new and exciting with Randall Great Northern Beans