With the professional and college football playoffs gearing up and bowl games aplenty now is the perfect time to fill your home with friends and family to root on your favorite team (or at least the team you’ve hitched your wagon to for the rest of the year if yours didn’t make it). You just have to make sure your football food game is on point.

Football and food go together like peanut butter and jelly – they are just perfect together! But when it comes to football food, not just any old spread will do. Every football party has to include a starting lineup of at least a certain quartet of recipes: Dip, Nachos, Chili and Sandwiches.

Beans are hearty, healthy, delicious and able to play a crucial role in each of these important recipes. We’ve shown you how in our Football Food cookbook, but here’s a few more. Some of these are straight from the cookbook and some are just some delicious finds we found online.

White Bean Game Day Buffalo Dip

A Randall Beans classic! It’s a delicious buffalo dip made with just a few simple ingredients and can be whipped up at a moment’s notice (or whenever the first and second bowl run dry). Whether served with celery, tortilla chips, or anything in between, you can kick the flavor up a few notches based on your tastes. To accentuate the buffalo flavor, pair the dip with bleu cheese for a tangy counterpoint. If you’re in the market for spice, try adding some heat with cayenne powder or your favorite hot sauce. No matter how you customize it, make sure you have enough to last you the whole game, it could be a long one.

Loaded Chicken Enchilada Nachos

A plate of ooey-gooey nachos is a football party must-have! And this colorful, mouth-watering recipe from Averie Cooks is one of the best we’ve seen. Loaded with purple onion, green cilantro, yellow corn, black beans and red tomatoes, these nachos are a feast for your eyes as well as your mouth. We love this recipe most of all because in addition to being delicious, it’s super easy to throw together in no time at all. For a little extra Randall Beans flavor, be sure to make a batch of our Incredible Black Bean Guacamole to serve alongside it.

Ultimate Game Day Chili Mac

You can’t call it a football party without chili. And of course, we all know chili’s best friend is macaroni. This recipe from our food blogger Ashleigh is hands down the ultimate chili mac. Using beef, pork, Randall Beans Kidney Beans, sweet potatoes and a hot mess of other delicious spices and ingredients, this chili recipe flirts between the lines of a classic recipe and something unique and special. Not in the mood for the mac? Serve it by itself or with corn chips or even quinoa for those health-minded eaters.

Black Bean Hummus Panini

Not all football food has to be unhealthy. There’s a misconception out there that “healthy” means “bland” or “tasteless”. We want to toss those myths out the window. Take this Black Bean Hummus Panini from One Green Planet, for example. Using wholesome, vegan ingredients, this sandwich definitely deserves a spot in your football party spread. The secret ingredient of this panini is eggplant, which is a great meat substitute because it’s a meatier and more substantial vegetable. Alongside some black beans and your favorite hummus recipe, this recipe is packed with awesome flavor.

Want more great game day recipes? Grab a copy of our Football Food cookbook featuring more great recipes just like these. Best, of all, it’s yours for free.





You can make this delicious dish with either our traditional Great Northern White Beans or Our Organic Great Northern White Beans