We have just about put a bow on summer, meaning kids will soon be packing up their backpacks and heading back to school. If you are sending them off to school with a packed lunch, make sure you’re sending them with something good!

The protein boost and energy they provide makes beans a perfect addition to any school lunchbox or even afterschool snack. If you are preparing for another year full of prepping lunches, let us help you out with a couple of ideas on incorporating delicious and healthy Randall Beans into your kid’s lunches this year.


Ham and Pasta Salad with White Beans

Pasta salad a great addition to a kid’s lunch box! Easy to prep in bulk in advance, this easy-to-make pasta salad uses simple ingredients that even a picky eater will enjoy. Cook a bit of pasta, chop up some ham, slice up the veggies and top it all off with a simple and mild dressing. Salty bites of ham are the perfect partner in crime to creamy Randall Beans Great Northern Beans, which are also a great balancer for the mild vinaigrette. Depending on your child’s preferences, feel free to mix up the veggies too! Green peppers, red onion and green beans are all great additions.


Greek Tuna Salad with Garbanzo Beans

Whether you eat it on a cracker, in a wrap, in a sandwich or just with a spoon, tuna salad is always a tasty lunchtime treat. Our recipe combines tuna with Randall Beans Garbanzo Beans for an even extra boost of protein! To make this tuna salad recipe even healthier, we suggest using Greek yogurt or light mayo as the binding ingredient. Like our pasta salad, this is another great recipe for making lots of ahead of time as a sensible side in your child’s lunchbox, a sandwich as the main course or as a light after-school snack.


Southwest Cream Cheese Chicken Wrap

Wraps are a great meal to include in your kid’s lunch box because they can be served hot, room temperature and even cold and taste great no matter what! This recipe we found at Let’s Dish is a delicious and flavor-packed recipe that your kids will be sure to love! Creamy cream cheese, shredded chicken, plump Randall Beans Black Beans and a load of different veggies makes these wraps explode with amazing flavors! This is another great recipe for making the night before.


Fiesta Mixed Bean Salad

Kids and salad may normally go together like oil and water but wait ‘til they try a salad as delicious as this one! This perfect summer salad is full of bright flavors thanks to our new Ultimate 4 Bean Mix and an incredibly cool and creamy avocado and poblano dressing. Full with fresh veggies, this salad isn’t just incredibly tasty, it’s great for them too. Feel free to adjust it according to your child’s tastes as well. You can swap out arugula for regular romaine lettuce and maybe skip the jalapenos. Here’s a tip: pack the dressing in a different container to keep the salad from getting soggy before lunch.