5 Things Beans are Good For

Beans really are an incredible food! In addition to being one of the most delicious and versatile vegetables out there, they are one of the healthiest food options out there! There’s a reason they call beans a superfood. Sure, beans are tasty and full of protein that...

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Randall Beans Cowboy Caviar

Here’s a new twist on a classic bean salad! Cowboy Caviar, a simple bean salad combining beans, fresh veggies and a light and zesty vinaigrette, is an old favorite of ours. With colorful, fresh ingredients and bright flavors, this mix goes great as an appetizer or...

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Jar Seal Safety: Are My Randall Beans Good to Eat?

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is “are my Randall Beans good to eat?” Concerns sometimes come from having beans sitting in their pantry for a while since we don’t include an expiration date or questions about the seal security. To help...

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Smashed Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

by Kate Vaynshteyn ( The perfect summer day deserves the perfect summer dish. Fresh ingredients, bright colors and brilliant flavors – you know, the kind of food you can just picture eating while laying out on a picnic blanket in the park. This...

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Fresh Farmer’s Market Salad with Ultimate 4 Bean Mix

Great recipes don’t always need exotic ingredients, complicated preparation steps or a lot of fuss. Some great recipes just need fresh ingredients! Spring is here and soon you’ll be able to head to your local farmer’s market (or you garden at home if you are lucky...

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Curried White Beans

Curry has a vibrant and colorful flavor that makes it wholly unique. While you see these flavors often paired with proteins like chicken or seafood, curry is also the perfect meal vehicle for beans! Great northern beans' smooth and creamy texture and a perfect balance...

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