Beans Perfect for Your First Spring Picnic

Today marks the first day of Spring and we couldn't be happier! No more snow, no more cold and no more dreary days. Spring brings with it sunshine, warm weather, flowers and the return of nature's beauty and color. We can think of no better way to celebrate Spring's...

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Barley Salad with Black Eyed Peas and Mushrooms

When you need to make cook on short notice, it is nice to have a simple go-to recipe in your back pocket. Done in just under an hour, this barley salad with Randall Beans black eyed peas is the perfect side dish, pairing beautifully with chicken or pork (and maybe a...

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Italian-Style Ham & Bean Soup

By Ashleigh Evans of Ham and bean soup is a hard-to-beat classic. While we hate messing with perfection, sometimes it is fun to take a new approach on something timeless. While this recipe has all the makings of a traditional pot of ham and beans, some...

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Tips for Organic Gardening at Home

Organic Gardening is such a great activity and has so many benefits. You get to work outside, it helps relieve stress, you get the piece of mind of knowing exactly where your food comes from and that it is 100% organic. Gardening is a win-win all around. You've been...

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Shepherd’s Pie with Great Northern Beans

By Kate Vaynshteyn of When it comes to Irish recipes, shepherd's pie is as classic as it gets. Moist beef, fluffy mashed potatoes, tender vegetables... this St. Patrick's Day favorite is as good as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So, how do...

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Randall Beans Avocado Mixed Bean Salad

Finding a meal that balances healthy and filling can be a challenge sometimes. What's good for you doesn't always fill you up and what fills you up isn't always good for you. Quite the conundrum! Luckily, we have got a recipe that won't only make your taste buds go...

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Heirloom Seeds: What They Are and Why They Matter

Not too long ago, out good friend John Coykendall was featured in a documentary on Louisiana Public Broadcasting. John was recognized for the terrific work he does as an heirloom seed saver. What John does is so noble and important to the communities in which he saves...

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Great Northern Bean Irish Stew

By Kate Vaynshteyn of It's almost St. Patrick's Day. Time to throw on some green, grab your corn cob pipe, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for some great fun, music and maybe a libation or two. Just make sure you don't forget all that great...

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