Festive and Unique Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! This really is one of our favorite holidays. Although it isn't celebrated nation-wide in Mexico, it is a great occasion to celebrate Mexican culture. And, indulge in some of their terrific cuisine. It is also a great reason to enjoy a...

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Beans Around the World

  Beans are a celebrated staple in American cuisine in a variety of bean recipes from a variety of cultures across the country, everyone knows that. But, did you know beans are equally beloved all around the...

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Santa Fe Pinto Bean Dip

Few flavors can overpower a dish like raw onion and garlic. Although delicious and what you may be looking for in certain recipes, a cook has to be very careful with these ingredients. Too little and you'll miss out of delicious flavors. Too much and you take away...

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Randall Beans Mexican Bean Salad

by Ashleigh Evans of Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! While it is a common misconception that this annual holiday is a celebration of Mexican independence (which is actually celebrated on September 16), Cinco de Mayo is still a significant...

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Fun Jar Craft Ideas for Your Empty Randall Beans Jars

One of the things that we are most proud of about our beans and what helps make them so special is the jars they come in. Why you ask? They make our beans better taste better and better for you, they let you seal them back up if you can resist eating the whole batch...

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Leftover Ham Recipes for Easter

Preparing and eating a great big delicious ham for Easter brunch is a wonderful traditional. However, it hardly ever seems like it all gets eaten up by your family. Year after year, you are left with a mountain of leftover ham. Not that we are necessarily complaining,...

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Mason Jar Salads

Who ever said healthy food couldn't also be convenient? Mason jar salads are a fun new trend, and they are exactly what you imagine they are: pre-prepared salads in jars. The idea behind them is that you prepare a couple jars worth at the beginning of the week so that...

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Can I Feed My Dog Beans?

We all know beans are a nutritious and healthy part of any diet. The bounty of benefits beans have to offer include a load of nutrients that decrease chances of heart disease and cancer while helping weight loss. But what about man's best friend? Humans obviously...

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