Sausage & Kidney Bean Fall Soup

By Kate Vaynshteyn from Nothing cuts through fall chills like a steaming bowl of soup. Our food blogger Kate cooked up a little something perfect for this time of year! Loaded with beans, kale - which we are highlighting this month with our new...

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Slow-Cooker Turkey Taco Soup

By Ashleigh Evans of Dash of Evans We are crazy about quinoa this month, so we are trying all sorts of different pairings with beans and quinoa. We think we've struck gold with this creation! Our food blogger Ashleigh brings us this delightfully delicious twist for...

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Randall’s Italian Bean Soup

Bring a little bit of Italy to the dinner table tonight. This Italian-inspired Pinto and Great Northern White Bean soup combines fresh celery, tomatoes and carrots for a light but mouth-watering dish fit for the old country. Pinto beans - which are traditionally used...

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Quinoa and Beans: The Superfood Power Couple

Beans sit near the top of the list as one of the healthiest food options out there, but they are not alone. Say hello to... You may have heard of quinoa before, but what is it exactly and why is it considered a "superfood" that is taking the culinary world by storm?...

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Crisp and Crunchy Corn and Pinto Bean Salsa

Is there a better snack or appetizer than chips and salsa? What about homemade salsa? It's quick, it's easy, you can make a lot and not have to worry because it makes great leftovers. This recipe combines all the best salsa players: cilantro, onion, corn, chilies,...

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Kale & Quinoa Cookbook

Kale and quinoa are perfect healthy, delicious ingredients in any meal! Combine with Randall Beans and we are sure that these kale and quinoa recipes will become some of your personal favorites! What’s Inside:...

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Farm Spotlight: Brad Bowers

"The Lord grows it, I just take care of it." That's how Brad Bowers looks at what he does every day. Since 2011 Brad has been our man at Open Spigot Farms, growing all sorts of produce for us. But he has been a farmer all his life. Brad grew up working on his family's...

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Meet Food Blogger: Ashleigh

We love our food bloggers! They are constantly showing us fun, original and delicious ways to use our beans and we love passing the recipes on to you. We would like you to meet the latest addition to our team of bloggers: Ashleigh Evans of Dash of Evans. Location...

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