Zesty Bean Salad

This light and flavorful bean salad is a great choice for using some of the spices and vegetables you get fresh from a summer farmers market. Parsley, onion and garlic all work together to add a flavorful base to the salad while fresh lemon juice gives it that hint of...

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Great Northern Bean Cassoulet

So, what's a cassoulet? Good question! A cassoulet is a French slow-cooked casserole. The name comes from the type of dish the cassoulet is traditionally cooked in, a cassole, which is a round, deep pot with a tapered base and a flared top. The variety of meats in...

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White Bean Pate

While most people may think of pâté as containing meats like duck or chicken, it can actually be made vegetarian by using beans in place of the meats. (Beans, they can be made into anything!) By using Randall's Great Northern White Beans, plus thyme, coriander and...

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Hearty ‘N Healthy Refried Beans

As our world becomes smaller, ethnic foods become easier to find. The beautiful thing about beans is that they grow in many different warm climate areas all over the world. Their international popularity and availability makes beans one of the most commonly eaten food...

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Mediterranean Seafood Casserole with Mixed Beans

You may or may not have thought about how well beans and seafood go together, but we have! This recipe calls for fresh fish and shrimp, great if you can catch 'em! Getting the fresh catch for your local market or seafood place works great, too. The flaky white fish is...

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Bring Randall Beans to My State!

Your baked beans are mushy! Your black bean burgers are dry! Your dinners are a disaster! All because you have to go without your favorite Randall Beans. We hear you loud and clear, bean fans and we know you want Randall Beans in your local grocery stores. In order to...

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4th of July Baked Beans

Bust out the red, white and blue. It's time to celebrate our great nation on America's favorite holiday the 4th of July. Be prepared for fireworks, family, and food- lots of food. Because what is better than bonding with your fellow Americans over a hot dog and...

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