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Our new beans mean lots of new recipes for you to try! From roasted garbanzo beans on top of a Greek salad to rich pasta e fagioli, these new recipes make the most of Randall Beans. We collected recipes that use our new beans and feature fall flavors to make any meal...

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Hawaiian White Bean Salad

  One of the great things about beans is their ability to play the flavor chameleon. They match with almost anything you care to pair them with, from bold and spicy flavors to sweet baked goods. In this refreshing Hawaiian white bean salad, we wanted to see how beans...

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Pinto Bean Tamales

Burned out on burritos? Tired of tacos? Make way for tamales. These Mexican delicacies are made of masa, a soft corn-based dough, filled with something tasty and steamed inside a corn husk. Tamales can be stuffed with cheese, meat, chilies--almost anything. But of...

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Greek Salad with Toasted Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are a favorite in Greek and Middle Eastern cooking. Their mild, slightly nutty flavor and creamy texture makes them fabulous mashed into falafel or served cold on top of a salad. But hey, why stop with cold beans as a salad...

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A New World of Randall Beans

In the past, Randall Beans' offerings have been as American as apple pie. Great norther white beans, pinto beans and mixed beans are classics in American dishes across the country. But times have changed. Global foods are becoming increasingly popular, and so it was...

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Announcing New Randall Beans Varieties and Sizes

It all started with our great northern white beans. Then we added our delicious pinto beans and mixed beans. But now, the Randall Beans family is launching our biggest expansion in company history. What that means for you is five delicious new varieties. Soon, you'll...

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Eggs and Beans: Better Together

What is it that makes eggs and beans so delicious together? Is it that they're both full of healthy protein? Is it that they're the perfect combination for a vegetarian meal that leaves you satisfied? Is it the way an oozy egg yolk makes a creamy sauce for beans, or...

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Creamy Cool Mexican Bean Salad

One of the many reasons Mexican food is so delicious is because of its contrasts. Sure, salsa is spicy, but a dollop of sour cream or Mexican crema cools things down. Refried beans are soft and melty, but taco shells are crunchy. It's this give and take that makes us...

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