Pinto Beans Nutritional Information

What's in our delicious and healthy pinto beans? Only the best ingredients. Check out the nutrition that's packed into ever jar of Randall Beans pinto beans:                       Ingredients: Cooked beans, water, salt,...

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Great Northern White Beans Nutritional Information

Just how healthy are our beans? Check out the full nutritional information on Randall Beans' great northern white beans:                       Ingredients: Cooked beans, water, salt, sugar This recipe can be made with either Randall Beans Great Northern Beans or the...

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Springy Side Salads: Bean Salad Recipes

It's time to put away heavy winter dishes and trade them in for light spring dishes. And what's better than a crisp, cool, satisfying bean salad when the weather turns warm? Nothing, that's what. But if you're tired of the same heavy bean salads drenched in...

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Fish and Bean Recipes for Lent

Today's Mardi Gras, which means some of you will be observing Lent. For many, that means no meat on Fridays. So why not mix things up with these delicious fish and bean dishes? Beans give an extra, delicious punch of protein that means you'll keep focused and full all...

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New Year, New Look for Randall Beans

We're only a few weeks into 2012, and it's already been a year of big changes for Randall Beans. It all started with a redesign of our labels. While our old labels may have been classic, it was time for a fresh look. We feel that our new labels better capture the...

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What does the code mean on the neck of the jar?

The code on the jar of Randall products tells you (and us) when and where the jar of beans was produced.  We are required by the US Food and Drug Administration to put this code on each jar.   A typical code looks like this:  TGN12001AA .   The first letter is for the...

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