What’s New in Beans?

We've been cooking, jarring and selling the best beans for more than 100 years. You'd think things would stay pretty much the same when it comes to cooking beans and putting them into our BPA glass jars. But you'd be surprised by just how much things can change....

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Favorite Bean Recipes from Michigan Moms

While Randall Beans' headquarters is in Cincinnati, our main processing plant is located in beautiful Tekonsha, Michigan, so we've always felt a strong connection to the Great Lakes State. Recently, we sponsored the Mitten Moms conference, bringing together some of...

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Protein Power: Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad

Protein is one of the most important parts of any diet. It's what gives us energy and pep in our step; it's what helps us build lean muscles and repair injuries. But if all you think of when you think of protein is a big hunk of meat, we've got a whole new world of...

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Powered by Beans: Rowing

Sure, we no longer need to row boats to get around, but rowing remains a thrilling sport for anyone who loves the water or appreciates the clockwork precision needed to be a championship rowing team. It's a sport that's all about the wind in your face and the rhythmic...

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Celebrity Pinto Bean Recipes

In case you don't have enough fame in your life, we're bringing you a collection of pinto bean recipes developed by celebrity chefs from the Food Network. Since television chefs are accomplished entertainers as well as recognized professional cooks, we recommend you...

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Get Powered by Beans Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the official end of the summer season. Goodbye baseball, hello football. So long swimsuits, welcome sweaters and boots. But before we officially usher in the fall season, it's time to have one last party, and Randall Beans will be hanging out at...

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Ham and Beans: The Answer to Leftover Ham

Who doesn't love a big old ham? Baked ham is one of those dinners that always provides an abundance of leftovers. That's the good news. The bad news is that there are only so many ham sandwiches you can eat. Put leftover ham to good use by pairing it with beans. Ham...

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What Do You Learn at a Dry Bean Convention? Lots!

Almost every industry has conferences and conventions where people gather to talk about the latest and greatest in their field. Beans are no exception. Recently, I had a chance to attend the 2012 Dry Bean Convention held in Lake Tahoe, California. At the convention, I...

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