The Story of Randall Beans


In The Beginning

Randall Beans started out about 150 years ago as Randal Chicken Products Company in Tekonsha, Michigan. The company’s founders were poultry farmers, so they offered a variety of poultry, pheasant, and even chicken and noodle dinners in those sturdy glass jars.

By the early 1960s, farm crops such as grains surpassed poultry farming as the main product of the Tekonsha area, so the family company managers decided to form a bean division. The response to their first product, Great Northern beans, was enthusiastic, to say the least; so much so that Randall discontinued the poultry products in 1968 and focused exclusively on beans.

The idea of using glass packaging commercially for beans had never been tried, but our processing techniques made it possible to provide an attractive, shelf-stable, sterile product without the use of preservatives, dyes, or any other unnatural ingredients.

Randall Bean products are as close as you can get to home-jarred beans, and there’s no other flavor like that. We make them just like you would to help you save time.

The early product labels boldly proclaimed that those signature glass jars contained “No tomato – no molasses – no mustard, but delicately seasoned ready for baking, for soup, or to eat right from the jar.”

Randall Beans added pinto beans to their product line, featuring the same delicious taste, unique appearance, wholesomeness, and overall quality that customers had come to love in their Great Northern beans.