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Couscous with French-Inspired Beans

Morocco's cuisine is as vibrant as the people who live in the north African country. Throughout Morocco you'll find restaurants that are pushing the boundaries of Moroccan cuisine by incorporating foreign preparations to traditional ingredients like the Cafe Clock...

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Spring Bean Salad Recipe Collection

Bean salads make the perfect meal when you're looking for something light but will give you the energy you need to live a healthy and active life. We’ve collected eight of our favorite bean salad recipes for your spring menus. Download our free  recipe guide packed...

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Beans – Not Just for Dinner

Beans for breakfast? It might sound strange, but beans in the morning are part of a long standing tradition called full breakfast  in the British Isles. Similar to weekend brunches in the States, full breakfasts are saved for weekends and vacations when you can really...

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Southwestern Bean Dip Recipe

Your workout isn't just about how far you run or how fast you bike. Before stepping a foot on the trail or getting on a bike, you take the time to prepare for a workout by hydrating and stretching - then, once your workout is over, you cool down, stretch again and...

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Fight Training Fatigue with Fun

Athletes are always looking for ways to keep their training momentum going. When mid-season training fatigue hits, finding alternatives to your typical workout can be rejuvenating. Cross-training activities like rock climbing or laser tag still provide a good workout...

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