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Vegan Chili

Is your New Year's resolution to eat better? Vegan recipes fit the bill when you want to eat healthy. Once you've made the decision to give a vegan recipe a go, you'll find vegetables and plant based proteins are just as delicious as old school recipes made with meat....

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What To Do With Leftover Ham

Ham is a holiday classic. It's easy to prepare and can be big enough to feed a crowd, but you often end up with Tupperware containers filled with leftovers. While the ham sandwiches are fun for a day or so, the last thing you want  to do is eat leftover ham sandwiches...

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Healthy Buffalo Bean Dip

Remember when Buffalo chicken dip exploded onto the food scene and there wasn't a party without it? It was one of those dishes that wasn't very popular, then boom, it was everywhere. In the traditional version, shredded chicken, cream cheese and Buffalo sauce are...

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Powered by Beans: Cheerleading

Ready? O-K! Did you know Randall Beans is an official sponsor of the MIT Cheerleaders? We love supporting these smart young athletes. Not only is cheerleading a ball to watch, it's also an amazing way of getting active. Cheerleading combines anaerobic activity (those...

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Powered by Beans: Snowboarding

When the weather turns cold, it can be hard to find ways of staying active. Traditional exercise activities like jogging just don't sound as appealing when the temperature plummets. But when the snow starts to fall, a whole new world of activity opens up. Snowboarding...

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