Mediterranean White Bean Salad

Getting tired of heavy, comfort food already this fall? You need to pace yourself! There's still a lot of autumn and winter left. If you need something a little lighter to help break up the hot, heavy foods - we've got just the thing. This Mediterranean-style white...

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Simple After School Snack Ideas for Kids

The kids are on their way home from school and they are going to be hungry. What do you feed them? Beans are always a great choice! Beans are packed with protein and other nutrients that won't only fill them up but also provide them with healthy energy that will help...

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Healthy Packable Lunches for Kids (and Adults)

Summer can't be over already, can it?! Kids are heading back to school for a brand new year (which may be a blessing, am I right?) which means you are now again faced with the task of dealing with school lunches. You've basically got two options. You can fork over...

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Classic Pinto Bean Soup with a Twist

In our book, the best recipes are the simplest ones. And this time of year nothing is simpler than soup. No cute ingredients, no complex instructions. Just put it all together and enjoy a nice warm bowl on a fall or winter night. Soup is even a great quick-fix in the...

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Vegetarian Soup Recipes

As lovely as summer has been, we are looking forward to fall. Why? Autumn means we can start making big batches of soups and stews to help us keep warm with the dropping temperatures. Soups are the ultimate comfort food. They are easy to make, they can feed a crowd...

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After School Snack Pinto Bean Tortilla Cups

Schools are back in session, which means parents now face the question of what to feed their hungry kids when they return from school. After school snacks are important. But, it's even more important that the snacks they eat are healthy. Sugary snacks may give them...

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