Crock Pot Classics

Southwest Black Bean & Quinoa Salad

Spring is just starting to wind down and summer is right around the corner. What's one of the best ways to cool down during meal time out in the warm weather? A beautiful, cool and absolutely delicious quinoa bean salad using Randall's famous Black Beans. Combining...

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Memorial Day Recipe Roundup

Memorial Day is just a few days away, which can mean only one thing - the start of a summer season filled with cookouts, warm weather and good times. The unofficial start to barbecue and grilling season is one of our favorite times of the year, and so we've been...

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Baked Beans For Memorial Day

A Memorial Day cookout with family and friends feels like the official start of summer, even if the kids have a few more days of school and the weather is still fickle. No cookout is complete without a side of baked beans to go along with your standard burgers and hot...

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Steak Salad with White Beans and Potatoes

Big steak dinners are great, but all that steak can be expensive if you're feeding a crowd. To stretch your grocery dollar, make steak a supporting player, like in this steak salad. In this summery salad, we take rib-eye steaks and slice them thinly. Not only do they...

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Greek White Beans with Calamari

Eating a healthy diet that gives your body the energy it needs to  perform its best is easier than you think. The Greeks have been doing it for years without much fanfare until recently. What we call the Greek Island Diet is just their way of life. Greek island...

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Mexican Black Bean & Cornbread Layer Salad

Happy Cinco de Mayo one and all! For bean-lovers, it doesn't get much better than today. Because beans are such a staple of Mexican cuisine, the possibilities for different bean-fueled dishes are nearly unlimited. Even if you don't come from Mexican heritage, we can...

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