Farmer’s Market Favorites

Pinto Bean Chili Casserole

If we had to rank our all-time favorite fall and winter meals, we would definitely have to put chili and casseroles in the top five! Both are mighty filling, delicious, easy to make and fit to feed a family. Both are so good, but how are you supposed to pick between...

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Spicy Shrimp and Corn White Bean Chowder

Crisp autumn days are here, so you know its officially soup season! One of the most satisfying and rich types of soup is chowder. But, typically being full of cream and starchy potatoes can sometimes earn even the tastiest bowl of chowder a bad rep. Fortunately for...

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Creamy, Healthy White Bean Soup

Nothing quite beats the autumn and winter chill quite like a bowl of soup. It’s getting to be that time of year when it gets chilly outside and the best way to warm back up is to curl up and enjoy a warm and satisfying meal. Unfortunately, when you go looking through...

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Sinfully Delicious Halloween Treats

It’s October, fall is in the air, Halloween is right around the corner. This is our favorite time of year. Not only is autumn the best time of year for our favorite bean soups, stews and chili it is also a time for indulgent treats. It is Halloween time, after all....

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Spicy Bean Soup

Mexican cuisine is well known and loved for its vibrant flavors and delicious dishes. But, while your brain may jump to tacos, salads, casseroles and dips, you may not think about soup when it comes to Mexican food. But, that’s just because you haven’t tried this...

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Terrific Tailgate Food

Fall is one of our favorite times of year! You get beautiful color changes in the trees, cool weather, great food and of course tailgating at football games. In our experience, those last two should always go together. There’s nothing worse than a tailgate with bad...

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