Winter Warmers

Oriental Bean Salad

Bean salads are a lasting favorite around the dinner table and at the park for a Spring picnic. This fresh recipe calls for a whole jar of your favorite Randall Mixed Beans, plenty of delicious veggies and a refreshing blend of spices and oils to make an acidic...

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Randall’s Quick and Easy Chili

No household can have too many bean chili recipes. While we usually reserve our favorites for the colder months and frosty days spent bundled up inside, we also think chili makes a perfect dinner time pick me up for the start of Spring. This is a one-of-a-kind bean...

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A Pot of Pinto Bean Soup

We're almost at the end of soup season. Temperatures are rising and the daylight is staying out longer. Luckily, soups are a quick and easy dish to whip up on a Spring evening or a busy weekend. The best part is, a big, hearty pot of soup can last a long time is...

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Mexican Steak With Salsa Verde and Healthy Refried Beans

Tired of the same old steak and potato dinner? Looking for an easy and fun way to add spice to your next family meal? We've added a Latin spin to a steak dinner that we know you'll love. Our take on this Mexican classic includes chili powder and refried Randall Beans....

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March Bean Cook-off

Kellogg Community College Corporate Sponsorship We here at Randall Beans are huge fans of art and music. We're invested in supporting the growth of young artists and promoting events that better local communities. By engaging in artistic ventures and activities like...

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Moroccan Couscous with Great Northern Beans

Do you yearn to travel but your budget won't allow it? There's nothing holding you back from bringing exotic tastes and experiences straight to your dinner table. This classic Moroccan dish will have you dreaming of the Casbah without leaving the comforts of your...

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