Green Chili Pork Stew with Pinto Beans

Looking for a new spin on chili? This hearty and delicious stew features many of the same ingredients as regular old chili does--tomatoes, pinto beans, chilis and hot sauce--but lean, slow-cooked pork gives it a distinct Mexican flair. You'll also find a hint of brown...

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Mexican Pinto Bean Casserole

Casseroles can be a lifesaver for busy parents. They're quick, they're easy, cleanup is a snap and you don't have to make a side dish. Many casseroles can be made the night before or even frozen for an easy meal in the future. Yep, we all agree, casseroles are pretty...

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Cheesy Chili Bean Nachos

Think nachos have to be a heavy, unhealthy dish? Okay, maybe it won't win any prizes for healthiest dish ever--unless you replaced the chips with kale--but that doesn't mean it has to be a calorie bomb. By making many of the ingredients at home, you can lighten the...

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Randall’s White Bean and Turkey Chili

If you're anything like us, you're always looking for ways to lighten up your family recipes. One easy way to do that is to cut back on red meat like beef and pile on healthy, lean protein sources like turkey. While it's not going to fool anyone that it's beef, turkey...

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Microwaved Baked Beans

Hey. Sometimes it happens. Despite your best intentions, you forgot to thaw something from the freezer or stop by the store. The kids are hungry and dinner needs to happen now. Rather than turning to frozen meals, we've got a quick and simple meal you can whip up in...

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