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Spring Bean Salad Recipe

Deciding on what recipes to make for Easter? Of course you have to serve the well-loved traditional dishes -- there would be serious disappointment if scalloped potatoes and pea salad didn't make it on the table. In between the classics, there's always room to sneak...

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Everything’s Better with Beans

Making recipes from scratch is a labor of love. The prep time adds up with measuring out ingredients before you even get started. Cooking from scratch can make what looks like an easy recipe too lengthy for a weeknight meal. Using ready-made ingredients is an easy...

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What’s for Dinner? How About Chili

Despite the promises of  Punxsutawney Phil, it looks like there are a few more weeks of winter ahead.  To keep you warm and your family well fed, we have collected nine of our favorite chili recipes. Download our free  recipe guide packed with the following easy to...

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Valentine’s Day White Bean Salad

It's easy to get wrapped up in the dinner reservations or big bouquets of roses on Valentine's Day, but many people choose to stay home for a quiet night in and a homemade meal. You can still include the fancy foods and chocolates but making a delicious home-cooked...

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Super Bowl Snack Recipes for a Crowd

Hosting a Super Bowl party can be a blast, even if your favorite team didn't make it through the playoffs. You can make your party memorable by choosing a theme and asking guests to bring a dish inspired by one of the teams playing or the Super Bowl host city. You'll...

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Easy Bean Appetizers for Your Holiday Party

The holiday season is finally here! With lots of visits from friends and family, this time of year can can be exciting and a tiny bit stressful. All those hungry loved ones are waiting for you to deliver the main course. In the meantime, you've got to give them...

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