Deciding on what recipes to make for Easter? Of course you have to serve the well-loved traditional dishes — there would be serious disappointment if scalloped potatoes and pea salad didn’t make it on the table. In between the classics, there’s always room to sneak in a few newer recipes.


spring bean salad


Our spring bean salad recipe would fit well on anyone’s Easter table.

It’s full of brightly colored fresh vegetables that welcome the beginning of spring. Eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and Randall Great Northern White Beans are mixed with fragrant garlic and meaty olives. Coarse ground mustard adds a touch of spiciness without being overpowering.

The recipe calls for tarragon wine vinegar which you can either buy or make at home. Tarragon has a light licorice smell and taste which is used often in French cooking. You can find it with specialty vinegars and olive oils in gourmet grocery stores or try your hand at making your own by combining fresh tarragon with white wine vinegar and letting it infuse for at least two weeks.

Concerned about what to serve visiting vegetarians or vegans? They’ll enjoy this recipe as much as you do.


Spring Bean Salad

2 cups eggplant, diced
3/4 cups Vidallia or sweet onion, minced
1 cup zucchini, diced
1 cup plum tomatoes, seeded and diced
1 tbs herbs de Provence
4  tbs water
2 tsp. tarragon wine vinegar
6 cloves garlic, smashed
1/2 cup olives, fruity green olive or Nicoise minced
1 1/2 tsp. mustard , coarse ground
2 cups of Randall Great Northern Beans, drained
1 tbs fresh thyme, leaves only
fresh ground pepper, to taste
2 tbs olive oil

Combine olives, tomatoes, mustard, onions, beans, zucchini and vinegar in a large mixing bowl. Heat the olive oil in a skillet until shimmering.  Add the smashed garlic cloves and cook until golden on each side then remove, reserving oil for eggplant.  Mince browned garlic and add to ingredients in the mixing bowl. Add eggplant cubes and herbs de Provence to the skillet with oil.  Brown the eggplant cubes until they start to stick.  Add water and cook until the eggplant is opaque, about 2 minutes. Toss the warm eggplant with the remaining ingredients and chill until ready to serve.

Ready to start planning your picnic? Just don’t forget the Randall Great Northern Beans! Check your local grocery store or if you can’t find them you can always have these delicious beans in a jar shipped straight to you from our online store.

This Easter recipe is a perfect salad to prepare with spring vegetables and beans.