About Us

We would be remiss in not telling you how the COVID pandemic affected our team at Randall. Demand for Randall Beans – as with so many consumer goods – sky-rocketed. To maximize our output we reduced our offerings to only 48oz jars and to only 4 varietals: producing Great Northern, Pinto, Mixed and our Ultimate 4 Bean Mix. We extended our work hours. Our entire team worked tirelessly to keep Randall Beans on supermarket shelves. We are extremely proud of all our employees who kept the stores stocked. We suffered all the supply chain issues (parts, labor, increased cost of goods) but are a stronger and more resilient for surviving the crisis.

Looking forward, we are hoping to reintroduce other bean varietals and sizes. We have resumed production of our 24oz Great Northern, Pinto and Mixed beans. We are increasing our warehouse facilities, improving our production line and we continue to produce the BEST tasting bean out there.

Thanks for all your continued support and being a Randall Fan!

– Meredith and Scott Keating

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