About Us

I am Meredith Keating, a second generation owner of Randall Beans.  In 2011, my husband Scott and I bought Randall Beans. Today, we’re the proud owners of a business which was established in 1876 and has only been held in the hands of two families.

The story begins in 1876 in Tekonsha, Michigan, when the Randall Family began processing foods products in glass jars.  The Randalls packed all sorts of foods, but poultry products were their best sellers.

The Randalls were avid outdoorsmen and loved to hunt. Every time the boys went hunting, they would bring along jars of their grandma’s beans. Her simple recipe of beans, water, sugar and salt was the perfect recipe to power those boys through days of hunting in the deep woods. Over the campfire, it was decided to include the beans in their line of food products.

As poultry farming gave way to grain farming in Michigan, great northern beans became Randall’s best selling product.  They added pinto beans to their production line. Together, their bean products were such a hit that by 1968, the Tekonsha plant was only pumping out beans.

After four generations, the Randall family sold the company to my father, W.O. “Bill” Mashburn, in 1974. Bill moved the headquarters to his hometown of Cincinnati and focused on modernizing the product, the production line and the label while still keeping that homey, Midwestern flair.

Since Scott and I purchased the company, we’ve made our own changes and updates.  We’ve updated our packaging with distinct lids and a new label.  We hope you like our new look!

It’s been a very busy and fantastic year with a new Cincinnati office, Facebook page and a new website that offers online ordering. There have been many improvements made to our plant in Michigan. Just as my father expanded Randall’s product reach in the Midwest, we hope to broaden our consumer base to become a national brand.

In 2013, we expanded our product line to include great-tasting black beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans, navy beans and kidney beans, as well as creating a new 14-ounce jar for smaller appetites.  We are energetically committed to being the company that brings you the best tasting beans in glass. We are definitely powered by beans!